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Volume 19

March 2015

Asumang, Review of Bird, The Gospel of the Lord

Author: Annang Asumang
In my view, Bird has made an extremely important contribution to contemporary gospel scholarship, coming as it has at the cusp of a new wave of interest in historical Jesus and gospels research.

Does Acts 15:9 Refute Intra-ecclesial Jew-Gentile Distinction?

Author: David Woods
This study examines Peter’s comment in Acts 15:9, that God made ‘no distinction’ between Gentile and Jewish Jesus – believers in purifying their hearts by faith, to determine whether the text teaches that the ecclesia is composed of an undifferentiated mix of people from the two groups.

Goosen and Peppler, Perceiving God’s Voice

Author: Hugh Goosen, Christopher Peppler
Vagueness exists amongst Christians regarding what it is like to experience divine guidance practically. This problem is aggravated by conflicting perspectives on the will of God, whether or not his will is discoverable, and how Christians are to go about seeking it.

Lioy, Paul’s Apocalyptic Interpretation of Reality

Author: Dan Lioy
This journal article builds on the work of an earlier essay (Lioy 2014a) to undertake a case study analysis of one representative passage in Paul’s writings, through the prism of its apocalyptic backdrop.

Makidon and Lioy, The Passion of Christ in the Valentinian Sources

Author: Michael Makidon, Dan Lioy
Although the passion of Christ in the Valentinian Sources from the Nag Hammadi Library and the passion of Christ in the Fourth Gospel seem to share many commonalities, the Valentinian understanding of the passion events has much less to do with the historicity of the crucifixion, suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ than with what they symbolised.

Reshaping South African Indigenous Theology on God and Sin

Author: Gabriel Boitshepo Ndhlovu
Augustine, the Bishop of Hippo, is one of the most influential church fathers whose views helped to shape modern Protestant theology. Many of his works are still studied by modern theologians.
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