BTh Fundamentals

SATS offers an affordable, accredited, online Bachelor of Theology that provides ideal equipping for Bible teachers, pastors, missionaries, Christian counsellors, and serious believers who love the Word of God and want to know it and live it. Our characteristic commitment to the truth and authority of Scripture, to the lordship of Jesus Christ, and to the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit pervade our courses.

You need to complete 30 courses to earn the BTh. (You can be exempted from some on the basis of RPL.) You can choose to work steadily towards your degree by taking one course per term (four per year), in which case the degree will take you 7½ years to complete. If you can manage two courses per term, you can finish in 3–3½ years.

BTh Concentrations

We offer two concentrations in our Bachelor of Theology.

Firstly, the general Bachelor of Theology provides a broad range of courses in Biblical studies, systematic theology, missions, ministry, and so on. You have considerable freedom to choose courses that fit your interests and ministry priorities. You should prefer this option if your motivation is to prepare for pastoral ministry, missions, teaching, or if you are studying to enrich your knowledge of God and his Word.

Secondly, the Bachelor of Theology with a concentration on Christian counselling is for those who are called to serve as pastoral or lay counsellors. This programme has a fixed curriculum, consisting of 18 theological courses and 12 counselling courses. The counselling courses seek to integrate theological and psychological truths from a Bible-based, Christ-centred, Spirit-led perspective.

Bachelor of Theology – General Theological

The Bachelor of Theology is the ideal preparation for those called to pastoral ministry or other forms of vocational Christian service. Our BTh contains a strong, balanced focus on Bible, theology, and ministry.

Bachelor of Theology with a Counselling Concentration

SATS is excited to offer a new concentration in our Bachelor of Theology, namely, Christian counselling. The BTh with a focus in Christian counselling is 60 per cent theology and 40 per cent counselling psychology.

Curriculum Design

When the Seminary was founded, instead of the traditional curriculum design, we researched what Christians at both leadership and non-leadership levels need to know and be able to do in their life and ministry. We used this analysis to develop a series of learning outcomes from which we developed the curriculum. In other words, the courses you study all yield essential knowledge and skills.

Since then we have consistently researched the changing landscape of theology and its application. We have come to realise that leaders and pastors need to be kept abreast of changes and their application. Our aim is to make studying as pleasant as possible for you without compromising standards.

Minimum study requirementsYou are required to complete 48 credits of study every 12 months (commencing with date of enrolment).

Rules For Assessment, Credit Accumulation, Progression And Qualification


Unless otherwise indicated, the pass mark for all assessment tasks is 50%. To pass a course, you must maintain a grade average of 50% or above.

Credit Accumulation And Qualification

Each undergraduate course is worth 12 credits, which will accrue towards your qualification. When you complete your studies, whether or not you have earned a qualification, you will be issued with a transcript detailing all your courses and the credits you have earned.

You need to accumulate 120 credits to be awarded a qualification at Higher Certificate level and 360 credits for a Bachelor of Theology. The Bachelor of Theology Honours requires 120 credits above a Bachelor’s degree. An additional 180 credits are needed to obtain the Masters degree (i.e., 660 credits in total), and a further 360 credits for the Doctor of Philosophy degree.


Once you have met all the requirements for your chosen qualification, you will be awarded the qualification.

Advantages Of Studying At SATS

When you enrol at SATS, you meet a team of committed believers who are passionate about serving Jesus by serving you. Our team is creative, innovative, dedicated, and enthusiastic about the way they teach and serve your study needs. When you enrol at SATS, you can expect to

  • grow under the teaching of a seminary and a team of lecturers who believe the Bible and love the Lord (Luke 6:40);
  • receive an accredited qualification that is respected worldwide;
  • love the convenience of instant online access to everything you need for your studies;
  • experience a challenging programme that maintains high academic standards;
  • enjoy fast, friendly service from academic and administrative staff;
  • join a seminary that responds to the needs and inputs of its students;
  • interact with peers from all around the world who love Jesus, making new friends in the process;
  • learn from a diverse team of highly qualified academics who love Jesus and the truth;
  • grow with a ministry that is innovative in its use of technology;
  • benefit from a programme that is simultaneously thoroughly biblical and deeply practical;
  • engage with lecturers who are actively engaged in theological research;
  • and rest in the knowledge that our staff prays daily for our students.