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Volume 14

September 2012

A Strategy for Developing a Sustainable Sports Ministry

Author: Tim Tucker, Noel Woodbridge
Due to the recent participation of numerous South African churches in various outreach programmes during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, there has been renewed focus on the opportunities available for sports ministries in local churches today.

John Versus the Synoptic Gospels on Mary Magdalene’s Visit to the Tomb

Author: Jake H. O’Connell
In this article, a solution is proposed to an alleged contradiction between the Gospel of John, and the Synoptic Gospels—an apparent contradiction concerning whether or not Mary knew that Jesus was raised when she saw the disciples after her visit to the tomb.

Review of Hawkins and Parkinson, Move

Author: Annang Asumang
One of the positive trends in contemporary conservative Christian circles is the renewed focus on discipleship and spiritual formation. Like the rest of the society in which it witnesses, the church is coming round to once again appreciate that quality is as important as quantity.

Sons of God Marrying Daughters of Man

Author: Frank Jabini
The purpose of this paper is to study the issues of spiritual spouses and identify possibly ways in which the church can respond to this phenomenon.

Stage Development Theory and the Use of Elementary Exegesis in Bible Teaching

Author: Robert Brodie
This paper advocates the use of a child-focused and Bible-orientated stage development approach to the teaching of the Bible to children.

The Role of the Doctrine of Trinitarian Worship

Author: Annang Asumang
Paul’s dispute with the Judaizers primarily centred on the soteriological implications of the ‘works of the law’, specifically, whether the circumcision of males, participation in Jewish festivals, and eating of kosher food were a priori preconditions for salvation.

Two Contrasting Views on the Historical Authenticity of the Adam Character

Author: Daniel T. Lioy
In this review article, a comparison is made between the recent publications authored by C. J. Collins and P. Enns concerning the historical authenticity of the Adam character (and to a lesser extent Eve) in the Genesis creation narratives.

The Victory Song of Moses in Christological Perspective within the Apocalypse of John

Author: Martin Pohlmann
Christians typically seek to approach life from a biblical perspective. Within this biblical perspective, an apocalyptic view on life encourages them to experience the reality of a relationship with God in adverse conditions.
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