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Volume 11

March 2011

An Evolutionary Creationist Process

Author: Dan Lioy
This journal article considers an evolutionary creationist process for the origin of humanity. In doing so, the essay explores a number of broadly interrelated issues in an integrated and synthesized manner. The key supposition is that a fundamental congruity exists between what God has revealed in nature and in scripture.

A New Kind of Liberalism

Author: Christopher C. Peppler
Brian McLaren has recently published his most definitive work to date, in which he comes closer than ever before to clearly stating what he believes. The book is subtitled, Ten Questions that are Transforming the Faith, and the book is structured around two sets of five of these questions.

Deconstructing ‘Transformational’ in Christian Transformational Leadership

Author: Thomas O. Scarborough
Christian Transformational Leadership is a major Christian leadership theory. This article, on the basis of a definition of Christian transformational leadership, applies a semantic (or deconstructionist) critique to three core features of the theory, namely influence, persuasiveness, and the ability to strategize.

Employing Speech Act Theory as an Exegetical Tool

Author: Timothy D. Howell, Daniel T. Lioy
The literary nature of the Beatitudes demonstrates a composition that developed orally. Speech act theory is utilized in understanding the oral features of the text as well as demonstrating what Jesus did in his utterances. The significance of the Beatitudes lies in the authoritative utterances of Jesus.

‛Resist him’ (1 Pet 5:9)

Author: Annang Asumang
Peter exhorts readers to respond to unjust suffering with non-retaliatory righteous behaviour, while looking forward to vindication at the Lord‟s return. Although several literary-theological and sociological approaches to the epistle have shed considerable light on this exhortation, a number of interpreters maintain that ultimately, the epistle engenders a paralyzing sense of passive victimhood in believers.

Review of George Barna, Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions

Author: Noel B. Woodbridge
George Barna is the directing leader of The Barna Group, a company in Ventura, California, that provides research and resources to Christian ministries. He is the best-selling author of more han thirty five books, several of which have received national awards.

Review of Roger E Olson, Arminian Theology

Author: Kevin G. Smith
From the perspective of an Arminian, the publication of Roger Olson’s Arminian Theology is most welcome. It is welcome because of two trends that are powerfully evident in churches across South Africa, and no doubt, in other countries too.

The Anointing or Theological Training?

Author: Robert Brodie
The aim of this article is to propose a solution to a dilemma that was characteristic of the Pentecostal movement from its inception, one that is still current, not only in some sections of the movement, but even in modern Evangelicalism.
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