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Volume 13

March 2012

A Historical and Theological Framework for Understanding Word of Faith Theology

Author: Russell A Morris, Daniel T Lioy
This journal article offers a historical background and contemporary framework in order to facilitate a better understanding of word of faith theology. The essay first considers the historical origins of the word of faith movement.

Interpreting Peter’s Vision in Acts 10:9–16

Author: David B Woods
The paper challenges the traditional Christian interpretation of Peter’s vision in Acts 10:9–16. The text, in its biblical context, and together with related developments in early church history, point conclusively to a single interpretation: that the Gentiles have been cleansed by God.

Modelling the Gospel in Joyful Partnership

Author: Annang Asumang
Most interpreters now recognize the literary unity and integrity of Paul’s letter to the Philippians. This consensus has however made the question of the letter’s uniting theme a matter of urgent inquiry for biblical scholars and preachers alike. Even here, significant advances have of late been made; but, questions remain.

The Christocentric Principle: A Jesus-Centred Hermeneutic

Author: Christopher Peppler
There are many different understandings of the word ‘christocentric’, both among past and current scholars. In this article, the author aligns with those who regard the life, teaching, and person of the Lord Jesus Christ as the locus of doctrinal formulation and proclamation, but applies this approach specifically to the hermeneutic enterprise.

The Christocentric Principle: Promise, Pitfalls, and Proposal

Author: Kevin G Smith
This article is a response to ‘The Christocentric Principle: A Jesus-Centred Hermeneutic’ (Peppler 2012). The author argues that the christocentric principle holds much promise as an interpretive tool for all branches of evangelical theology.

Review of Dixon, Science and Religion

Author: Mark Pretorius
I have read many books on the theme of the science and religion debate. Some have enthralled, while others have disappointed. This book, however, is one of the more delightful and informative introductory books I have read and reviewed on the subject.

Reconciling the Personal and Social Dimensions of the Gospel

Author: Thomas Scarborough
Historically, there has been considerable awkwardness and difficulty in harmonising the personal and social dimensions of the gospel. The purpose of this article is to develop an integrative motif through which it may be possible to set these dimensions on the same conceptual footing.

Review of Hitchcock, 2012, the Bible and the End of the World

Author: Noel Beaumont Woodbridge
Mark Hitchcock, whose books have sold more than 300,000 copies, is the pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. He earned his law degree from Oklahoma State University, and a PhD from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Witness to the End of the World

Author: Frank Jabini
In Acts 1:8, Christ told his disciples that they will be his witness ‘to the ends of the earth’. The article argued that Philip’s encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:26–40 was the beginning of a witness among people who were considered to live at the end of the world.
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