Title: Who We Were Meant to Be: Rediscovering Our Identity as God’s Royal Priesthood.

Author: Matthew Burden

Publisher: Wipf & Stock, 2021



Title: Jesus Christ as Ancestor: A Theological Study of Major African Ancestor Christologies in Conversation with the Patristic Christologies of Tertullian and Athanasius.

Author: Reuben Turbi

Publisher: Langham Monographs, 2019


Title: Against Principalities and Powers: Spiritual Beings in Relation to Communal Identity and the Moral Discourse of Ephesians.

Author: Dan Darko

Publisher: Hippo Books, 2020

Under Review

Title: Who do you say that I am: Christology in Africa.

Author: Reed, Rodney, and David Ngaruiya, eds.

Publisher: Langham Global Library, 2021

Under Review