Below are the timetables for all our coursework-based programmes.

SATS accepts new applications throughout the year. Provided your application is submitted 15 days prior to term, you will be able to start in the coming term. SATS runs four terms per year. The terms are as follows:

– Term 1: 1 Feb – 30 Apr

– Term 2: 1 May – 31 Jul

– Term 3: 1 Aug – 31 Oct

Term 4: 1 Nov – 31 Jan

If you would like to discuss your course options in more detail, please contact our staff for more information about the programmes on offer as well as other services that we may render.

To complete your courses, you will need to have access to the internet and a suitable device (e.g. computer; iPad), as you will access all your study materials and submit all your assessments online. Al learning activities are conducted on MySats, our student learning environment.

Master of Divinity Timetable

We have received accreditation for a Master of Divinity programme. This is a two-year professional master’s degree designed for pastors. Since it does not require a prior degree in theology, it is the ideal gateway into advanced theological and ministerial training for second-career pastors.

Bachelor of Theology (Honours) Timetable

The BTh Honours is a one-year postgraduate degree that builds on a three-year degree. You would be likely to choose the BTh Honours for one of two reasons. Firstly, it serves as a bridge between Bachelor’s level coursework and Master’s level research.

BTh Honours – Counselling Concentration Timetable

For those who are preparing to serve as professional Christian’s counsellors, and considers continuing to a Masters in Christian Counselling.

Bachelor of Theology & Higher Certificate in Christian Life Timetable

The Bachelor of Theology is the ideal preparation for those called to pastoral ministry or other forms of vocational Christian service. Our BTh contains a strong, balanced focus on Bible, theology, and ministry.

Bachelor of Theology – Counselling Focus Timetable

SATS is excited to offer a new concentration in our Bachelor of Theology, namely, Christian counselling. The BTh with a focus in Christian counselling is 60 per cent theology and 40 per cent counselling psychology.

Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling Timetable

The HCCC is an outstanding programme for training lay counsellors. It is designed for pastoral counsellors and for lay counsellors serving in the context of churches or parachurch organisations.