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MySats is a high-quality, powerfully resourced online learning platform or ‘virtual classroom’ in which you will study. It is the central hub of the Seminary, the platform that makes online learning possible, wherever you live in the world.

When you enrol at SATS, you receive a welcome letter, which provides information on how to access MySats, the learning environment where you will find your courses, links to an online library, lecturers, classmates, assessment tasks and so on. From MySats, you can:

  • See your curriculum
  • Order and pay for your courses
  • Access the Helpdesk
  • Read or borrow almost 200,000 e-books (e-library)
  • View hundreds of thousands of journal articles (e-library)
  • Download your study materials for your courses
  • Submit your assignments and access your feedback
  • Participate in class discussions (forums)
  • See the due dates for all your forthcoming activities
  • Interact with the lecturers and fellow students
  • Attend live lectures, including webinars
  • Complete interactive lessons
  • Write your examinations
  • View your financial transactions

Our lecturers task is to:

  • Facilitate learning
  • Foster research and communication skills
  • Help integrate learning, worship and service