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BTh Hons. Theses and MTh Mini-Theses.

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Practical Implications of 1 Corinthians 7:1-16 for Christian Married Couples in the Ethiopian Full Gospel Believer’s Church

Author: Abera, Abay Abera
Every single culture in the world has its own set of rules concerning marriage, sex and family. From the beginning marriage was established by God…
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Practical Proposals for Raising the Profile of Children’s Ministry in the Ethiopian Full Gospel Believer’s Church

Author: Abera, Abay Abera
The Bible tells us that children are gifts of God created in His image (Ps 127:3). In the Old Testament we see how God was…
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Towards a Model for Enhancing the Theology and Praxis of Divine Healing for the Paf. Die. Gemeinde in Kirchberg, Switzerland

Author: Aeberhard, David
The purpose of the mini-thesis was to develop a biblically informed framework for practicing divine healing in the Paf.die.Gemeinde (Praise and Faith Church) in Kirchberg,…
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Widowhood Practice in Ezeagu, Nigeria: the Role of the Anglican Church

Author: Agubuzu-oyi, Celestina
The mini-thesis explores the socio-cultural practice of widowhood in Ezeagu, Nigeria. The study found through both the literature study and the empirical component, that harmful…
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Rhetorical Analysis of Paul’s Argument in 1 Corinthians 13

Author: Biatoma Felix Kantonda
Never a piece of writing has been so appreciated like 1 Corinthians 13. Biblical scholars of various backgrounds acknowledge it as the best master piece…
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The Role of the Holy Spirit in Discipleship in a Hostile World: an Exegetico-theological Analysis of John 16:7-15

Author: Boshoff, Rudi
This thesis examines verses 7-15 in Chapter 16 of the Gospel of John to see if what Jesus said specifically describes the pivotal role of…
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Towards a Pastoral Strategy to Counsel Teenagers in the Northern Free State Area Who Are Subject to Self-mutilation

Author: Botha, Megan
The occurrence that is called self-mutilation is a real and dangerous threat to defenceless people worldwide. School counsellors in the Free State, coaches, youth workers…
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The Salvation and Discipleship of Children Within the Dynamics of the Family

Author: Broodryk, Nicolaas Marthunis
Through this thesis I would like to do a literature review on an important issue which affects all parents. Children are born into a family…
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Deliberations on Discipleship and Training in the Missiological Effort

Author: Broodryk, Nicolaas Marthunis
The growth of the Church in many parts of the world and their acceptance of the responsibility to take the gospel to the ends of…
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Towards a Biblically Faithful Operative Theology With Regards to 2 Chronicles 7:14 at Christian Life Fellowship, Jamaica

Author: Campbell, Sheldon
Many pastors and Christians in Jamaica view 2 Chronicles 7:14 today as a means, if they adhere to its conditionalities, to precipitating widespread spiritual revival,…
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La Formación De Líderes en La Iglesia Local: El Caso De Cuatro Iglesias Pertenecientes a La Asociación De Iglesias Evangélicas De Oriente (Asigeo) en Venezuela

Author: Carrizalez, Samuel Antonio Marcano
La formación para el ministerio es una necesidad vital para todas las iglesias. El apóstol Pablo deja claro que los dones deben ser desarrollados para…
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Die Schatten Der Himmlischen Dinge:typologie Im Hebräerbrief

Author: Carsten, Friedrich
Diesem Vers ist der Titel der vorliegenden Arbeit entnommen: „Die Schatten der himmlischen Dinge“. Dieser einzelne Vers gibt schon viele Hinweise, die das Thema der…
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Knowledge Management: a Recommended Companion in the Task of Biblical Mentoring in the 21st Century

Author: Chua, Alton Y. K.
Mentors not only help clarify the call of God in the protégés’ lives but also develop the inner character and spiritual depth of their protégés.…
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¿de Qué Manera Y Hasta Qué Punto, La Conceptualización Popular Del Líder Y El Liderazgo Han Permeado La Filosofía De Liderazgo Cristiano en El Contexto De Cuatro Comunidades Evangélicas Costarricenses en La Provincia De Cartago?

Author: Claudel, Esa? Bonilla
The investigation implemented both a qualitative methodology and a non-probabilistic selection method to explore the cultural, social, and biblical conceptualization that is granted to the…
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Church Migration – an Investigation at Godfirst City Church

Author: Cloete, Francis
The quantitative research looks at reasons for church migration amongst respondents recruited from GodFirst City Church, Johannesburg. (GFCC), recording the push factors that caused respondents…
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Applying Integrated Theology to the Disciple Making of the International Discipleship Making Initiative (Idmi)

Author: Constantine, Marcus A.
This paper is the final requirement of an integrated master's programme at the South African Theology Seminary (SATS). SATS views this as the preferred way…
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Towards a Model for Enhancing the Theology and Praxis of Divine Healing for the Paf.die.Gemeinde in Kirchberg, Switzerland

Author: David Aeberhard
The purpose of the mini-thesis was to develop a biblically informed framework for practicing divine healing in the Paf.die.Gemeinde (Praise and Faith Church) in Kirchberg,…
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An Examination of the Popular Justifications for the Existence of Messianic Judaism

Author: De Bruyn, David Jack
The so-called Messianic movement, or 'Messianic Judaism', as its proponents prefer, has mushroomed in the last 30 years to become a distinctive and conspicuous entity…
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An Exegetical Study of 1 Timothy 6:3-12 With Special Reference to Its Implications for the Prosperity Gospel

Author: Dlamini, Sifiso T.
The prosperity gospel (PG) is a widespread theology among certain denominations of the Christian church. The essence of this theology is the teaching that Christians…
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Towards a strategy for enhancing the healing ministry at Moreletapark Church from a wholistic healing perspective with special reference to fearfulness

Author: Elizabeth D Myburgh
Today we see that one of the Church’s foremost missions is its most neglected: the caring ministry of healing (cf. Luke 9:1–4 1 ) (Allen…
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A Christian Pastoral Response to the Spiritual Impact of Digital Gaming on Christian Adolescents at Cornerstone Fellowship Heidelberg

Author: Elizma Zaayman
The Bible was written long before the internet and digital gaming. There is therefore nothing specific in Scripture that addresses this form of game playing…
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De Bijbelse Rol Van Oudsten en Diakenen in De Volle Evangelie Gemeente “the Open Door” in Suriname: Een Geval Studie

Author: Ewald Ferdinand Franklin Gregor
Dit onderzoek zal de Bijbelse rol van de ambten van diakenen en oudsten binnen de Volle evangelie Gemeenten, in het bijzonder de Volle evangelie Gemeente…
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The Unity and Argument of John 10: an Analysis of Discourse Features

Author: Falconer, Robert D.
John 10 is a difficult chapter when considering its chronological order and apparent displacements. Some critics have held that chapter 10 is disordered and therefore…
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Debating Scientific Origins: Can Intelligent Design Be Supportively Involved in Natural Science Debates on the Origin of Life?

Author: Farr Williams, Michael Scott
This study endeavors to understand the writings of Ken Miller and Eugenie Scott in terms of their objections to Intelligent Design being involved in the…
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Continuity or Discontinuity of Blessing Rituals in African Traditional Religion: Towards a Contextual Theology of Christian Faith Among the Meta’ People in North West Cameroon.

Author: Fokwa, John Nji
The mbàn (the Metaʼ family meeting house) is an institution that is unique to the Meta’ and Moghamo speaking populations of the North West Region…
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Towards a Strategy for Promoting and Multiplying Effective, Biblical Church Plants From Southlands Church, Orange County, California

Author: Frow, Alan Peter
This thesis is based upon the realization that Southlands Church was found lacking in its operative theology with regards to the multiplication of churches. The…
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Begleitwirkungen Und Mögliche Risiken Des Internet-pornografie-konsums Ein Beitrag Aus Der Perspektive Christlicher Ethik

Author: Fürstenberg , Merlin
Über das Internet ist Pornografie heute flächendeckend, kostengünstig und diskret1 verfügbar. Entsprechende Angebote nutzen nicht nur Erwachsene, sondern ebenso ein Großteil der Minderjährigen.2 Was die…
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Endure Hardship: Suffering in the Ministry, Expectations of Pastoral Trainees in the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa

Author: Gertzen, Geoff
Many pastors do not complete a lifetime of ministry. This research seeks to contribute to the discussion that exists around the reasons for this phenomenon.…
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Christsein Im Ersten Johannesbrief: Ausführungen Zur Christlichen Existenz Vor Dem Hintergrund Der Wichtigsten Johanneischen Alternativbegriffe

Author: Grader, Daniel
Vorab sei gesagt, dass mir das Thema dieser Arbeit vor allem in zweierlei Hinsicht als besonders nützlich, sowohl für den Studenten der Theologie als auch…
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Neither Male Nor Female: the Implications of Galatians 3:26-29 for Today’s Church

Author: Grobler, Tommy
Johnson (1991:155) stated that the most important teachers in church history, such as, Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, Hippolytus, Gregory of Nyssa, Justin Martyr, Clement of…
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Applying Integrated Theology to Persuasive Preaching

Author: Hauf, Philipp
This Research Report seeks to provide a consolidated account of my topic as studied through various theological perspectives that comprise the integrated master's programme at…
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Abortion: the Effect and Ethical Implications It Has on the Emotional Intelligence [eq] of Adolescents.

Author: Howard, Robynne Louise
A study has been done in order to determine the effects abortion has on the emotional development of the adolecent and the ethical implications surrounding…
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An Exegesis of Luke 5:12-16 and Its Relevance for Shaping Christian Attitude Towards People Stigmatized by Hiv and Aids in Southern Africa

Author: Hoy, Barbara Anne
All three synoptic evangelists narrate a miracle performed by Jesus in the earliest phase of His public ministry in which He was accosted by a…
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Improving the Constitutional Document titled, “The List of Qualifications for Electing Bishops” in the Pentecostal Assemblies of God in Zambia (PAOGZ): An Integrated Theological Analysis of a Contemporary Challenge

Author: Humphrey Chabu
This mini-thesis employs the innovative methodology of Integrative Theology to analyse and propose improvements to the constitutional document which regulates the election of bishops in…
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A Comparative Study of the Phrase “in Christ” in Ephesians

Author: Jacobs, Linda Anna
Paul‟s letter to the Ephesians has been portrayed as: “…the grandest of all the Pauline letters. There is a peculiar and sustained loftiness in its…
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Involving Children in the Mission of the Local Church

Author: Janse Van Rensburg, Elmain
Both children and missions have a very special place in my life. This study was born out of a deep desire to see children as…
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Corporate responsibility before God? An examination of the seven letters to Asia Minor in Revelation chapters 2 and 3.

Author: John Watton
Revelation chapters 2 and 3 appear to contain language that refers to the corporate deeds, the corporate faithfulness and the corporate perseverance of the recipients.…
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A Critical Evaluation of Bruce Little’s Creation-order Theodicy

Author: Johnson, Connie
Bruce Little is a professor of Philosophy of Religion at Southeastern Theological Seminary, USA. Little developed the Creation-Order theodicy upon interpreting deficiencies in widely accepted…
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A Biblical and Practical Response to Divorced Pastors in Ministry in the Churches in the Kawama Compound of Ndola in Zambia

Author: Kamfwa, Damas
This dissertation offers a biblical and practical response to the issue of divorced pastors in ministry in Kawama compound of Ndola in Zambia. The research…
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Applying Integrated Theology to Child Protection in the Church of Pentecost in Winneba Municipality in Ghana

Author: Kpalam, Ebenezer Tetteh
Child abuse is not uncommon in Africa, and Ghana is not an exception. Where child abuse exists, the appropriate response is child protection. Child protection…
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Towards a Strategy for improving the Practice of Missions in the Divine Grace Church of God in the Chawama Compound, Lusaka, Zambia

Author: Laban Kabunda Shamuteya
This thesis is based on the realisation that the Divine Grace Church of God (DGCG) seems to be lacking in its operative theology in relation…
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Developing an Understanding of the Role of Women in Zambia Baptist Association

Author: Lama, Lawrence
The debate on the roles of women, both in politics and religion continue to be both an emotional active and divisive subject. In Christianity both…
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Contours of the Postmodern Generation: Critical Observations for a Relevant Missional Approach by the 21st Century Church in Following the Missional Example of Jesus Christ

Author: Laverty, Kristen
Imagine if you will, be it in the present or future, a time in which the third world countries are more actively engaged in Christianity…
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Author: Leon Anton Potgieter
This study overviews Godly wisdom as outlined by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 1-2, and correlates it with the practices of Worcester Christian Church.…
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Biblical Interpretation and the Christocentric Principle: the Interpretation of Acts 15:1-35

Author: Mahlaola, Joseph
In a quest to interpret the Bible christocentrically, different methods have been applied throughout different eras of Christianity. Some allegorised, some typologised whereas some sought…
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Controversy, Consulting and the Wedding at Cana: Translating Oinos in John 2 in the Nigerian Context

Author: Mark Alan Gaddis
This paper looks at the question of how Bible translation consultants should handle controversies in general and particularly the controversy regarding how to translate the…
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The Role of the Assemblies of God Movement in Zululand District in Addressing Needs and Concerns of Pastor’s Widows.

Author: Mavuso, Moses
This mini-thesis investigates the ministry of the Assemblies of God Movement Kwazulu-Natal (AOGM-KZN) towards pastor's widows and their dependents. The aim of the study is…
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Equipping Christian Teenagers of Bhisho Community Church to Be Effective Witnesses and Disciples of Jesus Christ in the Bhisho Community in the Amathole District, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Author: Mayedwa, Mlungisi Gladstone
This study focused on the involvement of Christian teenagers at Bhisho Community Church in the Amathole District, Eastern Cape, South Africa in witnessing to their…
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Towards a Strategy to Achieve a Biblical and Effective Operative Theology at Damascus Baptist Church With Reference to Jesus’ Use of the Son of Man Motif

Author: Mcfather, David B.
Damascus Baptist Church is a small sized congregation situated in Randolph County, Georgia. I have been serving as Pastor here for almost seven years. Though…
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Christian Creation Theories Rooted in the Genesis Account and Their Underlying Assumptions.

Author: Michael Janse Van Rensburg
The objective of this study is to provide the reader with a holistic theological understanding of the current popular Christian creation theories. This was done…
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Gender Based Violence Against Married Women in Zambia – a Biblical and Practical Response for the Pentecostal Church

Author: Mugala, Lameck
The problem of Gender-based violence (GBV) against married women in Zambia is high among the challenges the Pentecostal church is facing. Often the church is…
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Towards a Strategy of Developing a Marriage Mentoring Ministry at Northwest Church, Hispanic Ministry

Author: Nolasco, Ariel A.
The objective of this qualitative study is to develop a ministry intervention proposal, intended to help marriages in the Hispanic Ministry at Northwest Church in…
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The Existence of a Jewish Remnant as Evidence of God’s Redemption Plan for Israel

Author: Ongeya, Louise Kearsney Onen
The purpose of the mini thesis was to present enough biblical evidence to show that God's plan of redemption for Israel is fulfilled through the…
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Λόγος Christology in the Prologue of John’s Gospel: a Rejection of Philo of Alexandria’s Logos Philosophy?

Author: Peltier, Robert V.
A leading theory about the inspiration or origin of John’s use of Λόγος as a metaphor for Jesus Christ in the Prologue to the Fourth…
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The Role and Relevancy of a School Chaplain in Kwa-zulu Natal

Author: Pickford, Diane
The mini thesis presents an analysis among chaplains and contemporary teenage girls mixed with a literature study pertaining to the role and relevancy of a…
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The Impact of Jubilee Training Centre on Its Graduates’ Spiritual Growth

Author: Pratt, Leeanne Elizabeth
The aim of this research was to gain insight as to the impact that Jubilee Training Centre had on its graduates' spiritual growth and maturity.…
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Sexuality: a Decision Making Model for Adolescents in South Africa

Author: Ras, Juli?tte Elizabeth
A study has been done to determine and recommend a decision-making model with regards to sexuality for adolescents in South Africa. The purpose of the…
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Beyond the Conflict: Genesis Chapters 1 and 2 in the Perspective of Science and Biblical Theology

Author: Ravi, Prashant Kesava
The conflict between creation and evolution has long dominated discussions surrounding the first two chapters of Genesis in the Old Testament. In efforts to ameliorate…
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Dealing With Increasing Aggression in Preadolescent Boys as a Result of Pedagogical Factors: a Biblical Approach for Christian Teachers and Counsellors

Author: Riddin, Andrew Jason
Aggressive personalities are relatively easy to spot: competitive natures, in-your-face confrontations and lack of control of emotion are common. The number of people acting in…
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A Literature Survey of the History of Interpretation of the Sodom and Gomorrah Incident of Genesis 19:1-29, With Special Reference to the Homosexuality Debate

Author: Rogers, Gregory Garnet
The homosexuality debate is fast proving among the most divisive in the Christian world today. The Sodom account of Genesis 19:1-29 is perhaps the most…
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Denn Es Ist Der Wille Gottes, Dass Ihr Heilig Lebt.“ 1. Thessalonicher 4,3: Analyse Und Systematisierung Grundlegender Aspekte Eines Heiligen Lebenswandels in Den Paulusbriefen.

Author: Rohde, Ria
Jeder Mensch hat gewisse Vorstellungen davon, was sich hinter dem Wort „Heili‐gung“, „heilig sein“ oder „die Heiligen“ verbirgt. Dazu vier mögliche Stereotypen: Der Fragende: Wie…
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A Deconstructionist Critique of Christian Transformational Leadership

Author: Scarborough, Thomas Oliver
Christian Transformational Leadership is a popular leadership model whereby the Christian leader, most simply, seeks to influence (or transform) followers on the basis of his…
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Towards a Strategy for Achieving a Biblically Faithful Understanding of and Response to Luke 4:18-19 at Two Congregations of the Nederduitse Gerformeerde Kerk in South Africa

Author: Schmidt, Vernon
The Gospel of Luke comprises many statements that should impact the church in understanding God's mission emanating from before creation. One of these is Jesus'…
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The Shema (Deut.6:4-9): Its Significance and Implications for the Twenty First Century Christian Family.

Author: Schott, Marilyn
As a Christian mother with two young children, my desire and prayer for my children is that they grow up to become strong active Christians.…
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A Premarital Congregation-based Education Program: Towards Addressing a Gap in Premarital Preparation in the Three Forks Church of Christ, South-central Kentucky, Usa.

Author: Secula, Nikolaus
The purpose and intent of this thesis were to research an observed issue and seek a resolution within the local ministry context of Three Forks…
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An Analysis of the Status and Evangelism Strategy of Muslim Wives in Saudi Arabia

Author: Sharon Elizabeth Booysen
Western society at large is prone to conclude that the majority of Islamic wives are treated as inferior, second class citizens with few rights and…
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Towards a biblically faithful operative theology1 with regards to 2 Chronicles 7:14 at Christian Life Fellowship, Jamaica

Author: Sheldon Campbell
Many pastors and Christians in Jamaica view 2 Chronicles 7:14 today as a means, if they adhere to its conditionalities, to precipitating widespread spiritual revival,…
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Neutestamentliche Gemeindebauprinzipien: Und Was Man Für Die Lokale, Westeuropäische Kleingemeindearbeit Im Allgemeinen Daraus Lernen Kann/sollte.

Author: Sieber, David
In Mt 16,18 versprach Jesus, dass er seine Gemeinde bauen wird. Durch die Schriften des Neuen Testaments bekommen wir Einblick, wie Gott die von Jesus…
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The Human Conscience: Divine Design or the Nature of Our Neurons?

Author: St. Onge, Charles
Christians through the centuries have long turned to Romans 2:14-16 to show that the human conscience is a sign of the restraints God has placed…
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An Exegetical Study of Amos 5:10-15, With Particular Reference to Promoting Social Justice in Lesotho

Author: Tefo, Peter Koona
Lesotho's stagnant economic growth, political instability, social corruption and appalling state of unemployment are signs of the wide-spread poverty that has plagued the country since…
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Corporate Responsibility Before God? An Examination of the Seven Letters to Asia Minor in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3

Author: Watton, John
Revelation chapters 2 and 3 appear to contain language that refers to the corporate deeds, the corporate faithfulness and the corporate perseverance of the recipients.…
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A Biblical Exegesis of Colossians 3:1-3 and Its Significance for Christians in a Postmodern-post Christian Era

Author: Weaver, Paul Andrew
This thesis is a Biblical Exegesis of Colossians 3:1-3 investigating its significance for Christians today. It explored: the historical, cultural and literary context of Colossians…
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Evaluating an Evangelical Universalist Interpretation of Romans 5:12–21

Author: Wheeler, Stephen
I am the leader of a local church with a strong emphasis on preaching grace. We enjoy relational links with like-minded churches, which has given…
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