The Bible was written long before the internet and digital gaming. There is therefore nothing specific in Scripture that addresses this form of game playing or this fantasy world that humans engage in as a form of entertainment. The youth of Cornerstone Fellowship Heidelberg (CFH) church have become engulfed in this phenomenon of gaming and Christian parents are asking whether this could possibly negatively affect their adolescents and their faith. Clearly the church needed to determine a valid response to this question. The primary objective of this study is to formulate a theologically informed strategic plan where the playing of role playing fantasy digital games remains faithful to God and relevant to the ministry context and also the goals of CFH. This study begins with an interpretation of the operative theology of the church with reference to the gaming practices of its adolescents, then determines and defends what it believes is a faithful praxis in this area, and ends with a presentation of a communicative strategic plan for CFH in relation to its youth and members to achieve this praxis.

Qualitative research was performed on three of the teenagers of CFH. These case studies were used in order to help determine whether gaming can influence the Christian adolescent’s faith, principles, values and morals and thus his/her spiritual life, growth and Christian identity. Certain Biblical principles and their use as a guideline to Christian behaviour regarding gaming are discussed. Information on digital games is provided to throw more light on the phenomenon and its potential impact on Christian teenagers.