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A Plea for Church-Strengthening Movements in Africa

Author: Cantrell, Tim
It has been called the “surprise story” of modern missions–the emergence of ‘Christian Africa’ (Bediako, 2000:3-4). In the last century, Christianity in Africa has seen…

What does the Bible teach about divorce and remarriage: a biblical exegesis of Matthew 19:3-9

Author: Du Plessis, C A (dickie) & Woodbridge, Dr Noel B
The high divorce rate in South Africa today is having a devastating effect on society in general, and on the Church in particular. In view…

The Evangelical Church in Africa: Towards a Model for Christian Discipleship

Author: Light, Vernon Ellis
This work is an extension of an MTh dissertation, especially in the area of further reflection on the South African situation. It focuses on the…

New Life in Christ: A Specific Exegetical Focus of Romans 6-8

Author: Pretorius, Mark
There is little doubt that the importance of Romans 6-8 is to be found in what Christ did as Saviour. Within these chapters, one sees…

Beyond the Conflict: Genesis Chapters 1 and 2 in the Perspective of Science and Biblical Theology

Author: Ravi, Prashant Kesava
The conflict between creation and evolution has long dominated discussions surrounding the first two chapters of Genesis in the Old Testament. In efforts to ameliorate…

Christian ethics as an adequate ethical system in the context of modern culture: a theological analysis and critical evaluation

Author: Russell A. Morris & Noel B. Woodbridge
Ethics involves standards of behaviour that dictate how one should conduct oneself in a given situation. The word ethics is derived from the Greek term…

How to Cite Sources

Author: Smith, Kevin
In academic writing, it is imperative that you credit the sources you use in writing a paper. Failure to credit your sources is a form…

How to Write a Book Review

Author: Smith, Kevin
A book review is a special kind of theological writing. Students may be required to write book reviews on prescribed readings. Scholars write reviews of…

How to do an Exegetical Study

Author: Smith, Kevin
Biblical exegesis is a in-depth, inductive examination of a text of scripture in which the exegete systematically applies established hermeneutic tools (exegetical methods) to discover…

How to do a Theological Study

Author: Smith, Kevin
Systematic theology is a systematic study of what the Bible teaches about a topic. Can we justly call doing systematic theology research? The answer depends…

How to Prepare a Research Proposal

Author: Smith, Kevin
Every theological research project should begin with a research proposal. Before writing a thesis or a dissertation, your proposal needs to be approved by a…

How to Compile a Bibliography

Author: Smith, Kevin
Every academic paper ends with a bibliography, a list of resources (e.g., books, articles, interviews) used in writing it. In this chapter, we shall discuss…
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