Damascus Baptist Church is a small sized congregation situated in Randolph County, Georgia. I have been serving as Pastor here for almost seven years. Though no church is perfect, the people here are friendly, loving and very giving. Most of the congregation is made up of agrarian families. Some are crop farmers and others herd and sell cattle. Those who are not farmers themselves either have their own garden to tend or they have a family member who is a full- time farmer. If there is any criticism to be levied against our church (and many others in this community), it is the lack of motivation to engage the whole community with whole gospel. More to the point, there is lack of refinement in their understanding of the biblical storyline, which, I believe, affects the task of taking the gospel into the community with any kind of deliberateness. There are many possible reasons for this, but to name just a few I would list the following: 1) Lack of clarity on the biblical storyline of the Bible, especially with reference to the Missio Dei, 2) lack of conviction on the unity of the human race (racial tension), and 3) a division between theology and action.