Praying for our Students

Each year, as we celebrate the birthday of the Seminary, we have an opportunity to celebrate another year of God’s grace and favour. We are reminded to look at ways that the SATS Team can impact a Christian community. This year, we decided to dedicate a week to praying for our students, who are at the coal-face of missions. Many students submitted personal prayer requests and each staff member spent the week praying for three of the students. We also prayed corporately, as a staff team, in our early morning devotions.

Through this initiative, we became aware of the many challenges our students face, and we are amazed at their tenacity and determination to complete their studies – often under trying circumstances.

Even though our prayer focus is over for the time being, we encourage our students to continue sending us their stories – we love to hear from you and we need to understand your life and ministry contexts better as we seek to serve you. Please send your stories to [email protected].

Blog: Pentecostalisation and Faith in the Global South

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SATS goes Digital-Only

Please take note that, after 31 July, we will no longer make our course materials available in printed format. In future, our material will only be available in digital format. If you have any queries about this, please contact [email protected].

Graduation 2018 videos

All the videos of the 2018 SATS Graduation ceremony can now be accessed free online. Each of the speeches delivered at the ceremony (the State of the Seminary Address, the Student Speaker and the Commencement Speech), as well as a video of the full ceremony, can be accessed at the playlist below: View the Playlist

Welcoming Dr Seyram Amenyedzi

We are proud to welcome Dr Seyram Amenyedzi as a full-time faculty member at SATS. Seyram, originally from Ghana, now resides in The Gambia with her husband, Ensa, and their teenage daughter – although they are still involved with missions in both countries.

Dr Amenyedzi has an MSc in Christian Education (focusing on Children’s Ministry) and a PhD in Missiology from the University of Stellenbosch. In her doctoral research, she focused on the issue of disability, but with an emphasis on interdisciplinary research and methodology. Her other research interests include missions, gender, children and youth, and intercultural and interreligious theology.

Seyram is also an ordained minister with the Evangelical Church of The Gambia, and she and her husband pastor a local congregation. She has a special calling to minister to pastors’ wives and women in ministry, and has a passion to empower women and youth through various contextually relevant means. Seyram and Ensa also started Missions’ Department in their national church.