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22 06, 2022

Mercy rather than martyrdom: Reading Genesis 4 with care by Izaak J. L. Connoway

2022-06-22T09:48:34+02:00Jun 22nd, 2022|Blog Articles|

We often zip through well-known Bible stories, but when I reread Genesis 4 recently, I was taken in by its beauty. I offer you the fruit of me reading it ...

21 06, 2022

Towards a theological reflection on the current African Pentecostal Praxis with reference to Acts 2:1-4 by Jesse F Kipimo

2022-06-21T21:50:01+02:00Jun 21st, 2022|Blog Articles|

The global Pentecostal movement (classic Pentecostals, charismatics, Neo-Pentecostals, and AIcs) is known as the fastest-growing branch of Christianity across the world, especially in the global south. Therefore, what gives strength ...

31 05, 2022

The Miracle of Bread and Wine in John’s Gospel by Robert Falconer

2022-05-31T10:49:30+02:00May 31st, 2022|Blog Articles|

My four-year-old son is naturally loud and boisterous, and almost every time he approaches communion and is handed the cup, he speaks out loud for the whole congregation to hear ...

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