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16 02, 2024

To What Degree is the Book of Acts a Blueprint for the Church Today? (Part 1) by Jose De Carvalho

2024-02-16T08:45:31+02:00February 16th, 2024|Blog Articles|

Does Acts merely record the early church’s history, or does it provide a blueprint for the church today? When reflecting on this question, it is essential to consider Luke’s ...

10 11, 2023

Beyond Imagination: The Beatific Vision and the Splendor of Heaven by Dr Robert Falconer

2023-10-09T08:32:57+02:00November 10th, 2023|Blog Articles|

Take a moment and imagine what it might be like to stand before God and gaze at his majesty and transcendent glory. What would it be like? I imagine ...

11 10, 2023

Three reasons why Christians need to maintain a balance between academic life and spiritual life by Isaac Boaheng

2023-10-04T15:28:34+02:00October 11th, 2023|Blog Articles|

Quite often I hear people, even Christian scholars, say “This is academic, not spiritual.” This underlines the dichotomy that these scholars and non-scholars hold between academic work and spirituality. ...

10 10, 2023

Is it “steadfast love” or “all of us”? How one word and one letter widened my wonder at the love of God by Izaak J L Connoway

2023-10-10T11:57:30+02:00October 10th, 2023|Blog Articles|

I clearly remember the first time I heard someone sing The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases by Edith Mcneill. I was really touched by the beautiful words ...

9 10, 2023

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me: An anointing on a Spirit-filled man or a Spirit-filled God-man? by Jose De Carvalho

2023-10-09T12:11:22+02:00October 9th, 2023|Blog Articles|

The Synoptics appear to provide an understanding of Jesus as a man preaching and healing in Galilee and Judea, empowered by the Holy Spirit and, consequently, a valid example ...

6 10, 2023

Biblical Reconciliation: Navigating the Space Between by Carrie Milton

2023-10-06T08:35:46+02:00October 6th, 2023|Blog Articles|

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor – Franklin D. Roosevelt. Maritime environments can be challenging. A skilled sailor has to consider the wind, the waves, ocean currents, ...

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