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1 03, 2021

A Review of Dr. Ken Wilson’s “the Foundation of Augustinian-Calvinism”

2021-03-01T16:56:45+02:00Mar 1st, 2021|Blog Articles|

Dr. Ken Wilson summarise his Doctoral thesis titled: “Augustine’s conversion from traditional free choice to ‘non-free Free Will’: A comprehensive methodology” (Mohr Siebeck 2018) in an easily readable seven chapters. Wilson ...

23 10, 2020

Biblical Inerrancy: The Critical First Domino or Tipping Point (Part 2)

2020-10-23T10:01:32+02:00Oct 23rd, 2020|Blog Articles|

by Dan Lioy Abstract The major premise of this chapter is that when a seminary abandons the doctrine of biblical inerrancy, it becomes the critical first domino or tipping ...

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