The BTh is the ideal preparation for those called to pastoral ministry or other forms of vocational Christian service. Our BTh contains a strong, balanced focus on Bible, theology, and ministry.

Do I Qualify?

To register for the BTh, you need to have a school-leaving certificate that grants university access. If you do not qualify for direct admission to the BTh, you can start with the Higher Certificate in Christian Life.

BTh First Year

Please note, the first-year curriculum consists of 10 courses, of which 6 courses are compulsory.

These courses are compulsory:

Choose any four courses from the following electives:

If you select the Greek Courses you need to complete both at level 1 and both at level 2

NB. To reap the full benefits of the Biblical Language course, you will need to take all 4 Greek or Hebrew courses.

Minimum study requirements: You are required to complete 48 credits of study every 12 months (commencing with date of enrolment).

Bachelor of Theology and HCCL Timetable

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