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Orientation Research and Other Courses

GEN4121 Theological Orientation

This course lays a foundation for postgraduate studies at SATS and exposes the student to the following aspect: The history of SATS, Theological research and writing skills, e-learning, research tools, theological sub-disciplines, and research models, levels of postgraduate studies and their implications for life and ministry. By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the history and foundational principles of SATS, as well as of some of the people involved in establishing and growing the institution.
  • Access and use SATS’ online services.
  • Overcome common obstacles, manage time, master general elements of research, and apply them to your own studies.

GEN4122 Directed Theological Reading

This elective course exposes you to current scholarship in a specific field of theological studies or a combination of theological fields. You will be given a list of resources to read, analyze, interpret, compare, and apply. Assessment is done through an online oral examination where you will demonstrate your knowledge of the prescribed reading material.

MRS5240 Research Concept Development

This is the first compulsory course in the MTh and PhD programmes. It introduces you to advanced theological studies and the most important research methodologies. It guides you through a process of developing a research concept that will form the basis of your research project.

PRA3126 Church Administration

This course provides a closer look at Biblical principles for congregational management. By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • explain biblical principles of congregational management
  • describe the importance of managing personnel effectively
  • explain the importance of managing church facilities
  • describe how to manage church finances
  • demonstrate how congregational system management works
  • indicate how to resolve conflict

RES4122 Research Methodology

This is a compulsory course in the B.Th. Honours programme, designed to sharpen your understanding of theological research methodology. It is a prerequisite for the following course: RES4241.

RES4241 Research Project

In this is a compulsory course in which you apply a specific research method in your research on one of the prescribed research topics. The course culminates in a research report of around 7 000 words that includes references to at least 15 scholarly works.
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