The Igbo are one of the ethno-cultural language groups in Nigeria who live on both sides of River Niger. Every human society is blessed with a culture that is properly hers and the Igbo’s is not different. The Igbo society is richily endowed with enviable cultures, traditions and religious values. It is a nation with deep religious and moral code, Omenala, which permeated every aspect of their lives. In their worldviews, the world of the spirits and that of the material are together, separate though but at the same time, intertwined. However, the early missionaries and colonialists in their encounter with the Igbo traditional customs started from non-recognition of the Igbo cultural and religious values to condemnation and total destruction of Igbo traditional and religious values as well as their symbolisms. They gave the impression that Igbo has no history, laws, morality and therefore, no social order or social organizations. The total disregard and destruction of the cultures, traditions and religion of the Igbo people has resulted in discrepancies between the private and public lives of the Igbo Christian. The rim of this study is to examine Ikpu-ala as an Igbo social justice value system and to investigate if Igbo social value system could be integrated into Christian social value.