In John 14:16, Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as ‘another Helper’, who would abide with His disciples, and thus all believers, forever. But, in what ways might the Holy Spirit help the followers of Jesus Christ in this life as they anticipate their final day of redemption? Whilst there are many scriptures in the Bible that allude to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, it is Romans Chapter 8 that reveals what life in the Spirit looks like and what kind of help believers can expect as they anticipate their glorification. Romans 8:18-30 specifically focuses on the role the Holy Spirit plays in preparing believers for this future glory. Whilst believers can be greatly encouraged, assured and strengthened by the Holy Spirit’s presence in their lives, Paul made reference, in verses 26 and 27, to intercession as one specific and practical way the Holy Spirit helps believers in their walk of faith. Traditionally this intercession has been interpreted and understood to be the act of prayer, but an in-depth exegetical and theological analysis of the text revealed that this intercession goes beyond the boundaries of prayer to include an invasion and mediation in the life of the believer to bring about reconciliation of those areas and issues that are contrary to God’s will and purpose.