The Survey of Church History course provides a basic overview or survey of church history. As Christians and as students of Christian theology, you must have some grounding in this field since you are a member of the body of Christ – a body with a history (and a future).

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Discuss:
    • various ways in which church history is selected and arranged by writers of history.
    • history writers’ own perspectives (including religious experiences and convictions), biases and agendas when you read history.
  2. Produce a survey of church history by describing a set of its significant developments.
  3. Explain, regarding actual historical events, why you value church history:
    • for Christian devotion, acknowledging God’s work and faithfulness in spite of human frailty and faithlessness;
    • for appreciating both earlier generations of believers and modern Christian faith traditions other than your own;
    • for responding wisely to current situations in, or affecting, the church.
  4. Write a balanced and coherent account of a period of church history based on secondary sources.