The Ministry Practicum is intended to facilitate the integration of theory and practice in the MDiv programme. It integrates learning from other MDiv courses. Students create an ePotfolio on Canvas, with artefacts of all their learning. The portfolios follow a logical structure with categories for each type of artefact.


By the end of this course you should be able to demonstrate:

  • lifelong learning through a regular habit of reading current books related to your ministry and reflecting on the application of the author’s ideas.
  • commitment to the holy habits of Christian life and ministry, such as prayer, Bible study, fellowship, family life, etc.
  • the ability to relate theory to practice.
  • the ability to assess how your ministry (i.e. organisation, church, people) has been impacted through your personal growth and learning this year
  • the cultivation and engagement of important discussion partners who help you to grow in your ministry (e.g. interviews, etc.).
  • a healthy balance between academic, ministerial, and devotional dimensions of your life.