An introduction to Christian Ethics with special application for the Christian Counselling student. Although directed at Christian counsellors, the course includes an introductory analysis of professional ethics, training and practice standards, educational requirements, and mental health law. Attention will be given to contemporary professional and psycho-social issues that effect the training and practice of Christian counsellors. The ethical/legal status and practice of the Christian counsellor will be explored and analytically appraised from an integrated Theology Psychology perspective.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate insight into the theory, theology, and praxis of ethical and legal issues for Christian counsellors
  2. Engage theologically with moral inquiry and to consider the role and methods of Christian ethics as it pertains to counselling and caregiving in Christian ministry
  3. Display the critical skills for evaluating ethical issues in counselling from a Christ centered, biblically based, Spirit led, and psychologically sound perspective
  4. Apply the essential elements of ethical and legal practice as it pertains to competence, accountability, confidentiality, dual or multiple relationships, record keeping, referrals, etc.
  5. Locate and apply applicable Ethical Codes to practical problematic situations in counselling and care-giving ministry.