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Volume 7, March 2009

25 02, 2020

Vehicles of Divine Mystery

2020-02-25T15:28:45+02:00Feb 25th, 2020|

Recent applications of social identity theories in Pauline studies have highlighted the importance of considering Paul’s self-understanding as a window through which to interpret his letters. Though this insight has ...

25 02, 2020

Incarnational Christology

2020-02-25T15:28:42+02:00Feb 25th, 2020|

The writer, himself an American Evangelical, is discussing, in three articles, areas in which American Evangelicals disagree about how God the Son relates to God the Father and the meaning ...

25 02, 2020

The Faith Journey of Paul

2020-02-25T15:26:41+02:00Feb 25th, 2020|

This journal article examines the faith journey of Paul, specifically as it is delineated in Philippians 3:1-14. Verses 1-6 reveal that in the past, before he put his faith in ...

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