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Volume 15, March 2013

26 02, 2020

Washing One Another’s Feet as Jesus Did

2020-02-26T09:29:45+02:00Feb 26th, 2020|

While John 13:1–11 soteriologically interprets the foot-washing as symbolising participation and purification in Jesus, the subsequent John 13:12-20 ethically interprets the act as a humble self-sacrificing service emanating from love. ...

26 02, 2020

From Dignity to Disgrace

2020-02-26T09:29:40+02:00Feb 26th, 2020|

This essay undertakes a comparative analysis of Psalms 8 and 14. Together, these hymns reveal that the Creator originally bestowed unparalleled dignity on human beings; yet, in their folly, the ...

26 02, 2020


2020-02-26T09:24:50+02:00Feb 26th, 2020|

The first postgraduate resource, written by William Domeris, hopes to assist and embolden young scholars to turn their thesis into an academic article. The second resource was written by Dan ...

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