The Pentecostal church in Zambia is steadily losing its understanding of the “prophetic ministry” as hundreds of prophets have surfaced and misplaced the “prophetic ministry” leaving the Pentecostal church in a limbo, as there is no correlation to the Early Church “prophetic ministry”. The Pentecostal Assemblies of God Zambia (PAOG (Z)) pastors have been affected by the emergence of Christian prophets who have no role model to look to for guidance to effectively address the plight of the poor under the New Covenant. Pastors are enticed by the lure of wealth, power and prestige; they forsake their biblical understanding of “prophetic ministry” under the New Covenant and set out on a self-pleasure-seeking, materialistic expedition. In the end, they practice an unbalanced “prophetic ministry” (with no spiritual and social action) which is not informed by the practice of the Early Church.