Modern Zambia is at crossroads with regard to the choice for a national ideology that must be on Zambia’s national constitution. One side argues for maintaining the status quo, ‘Christian state’, while the other is vying for legislating a ‘secular state’. While these polarized views are largely value-laden in scope, they have not touched on the ultimate teleological concerns that such a choice could have on individual modern Zambian Christians, who compose the country’s majority population. It is this gap that the study addresses. The study also suggests alternative solutions to the crisis. The research examines the ideological crisis in modern Zambia in light of the human ultimate question as provided in Christianity’s doctrine of individual eschatology. The study needed to be done thus because, the majority of Zambians are Christians and therefore the need to theologically contribute in resolving the national ideological crisis, from the angle of ultimate hope and not just ‘values’ alone, is critical. The Bible admonishes about having a worldview or ideology that transcends this present life (1 Cor. 15:19).