This study is an investigation into the sustainability of Salvation Army Officership as a lifelong career. An empirical study based on questionnaires and interviews, was conducted to identify the pressure points, which are experienced by former and active Officers of the Salvation Army in Southern Africa. The top twelve pressure points were identified in both categories. A Biblical survey was conducted to discover principles of leadership based on Old and New Testament leaders, as well as the leadership model of Jesus. This was followed by a literature study on Christian leadership, revealing some common tests for leadership and the problem of power in the context of the Church. The literature study also reveals the distinctive structure of Salvation Army leadership, and traces the process of how this came about. Finally, the study proposes Biblical guidelines for prevention strategies and counselling for helping of Officers in the Salvation Army in Southern Africa to deal with each of the pressure points identified in the survey. It also outlines Biblical guidelines for spiritual formation as part of formal training of the Salvation Army Officer, mentorship as an ongoing tool of life, and stress management at different levels.