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PhD Compendium Volume 1 (2020)

Thesis summaries of all the SATS PhD dissertations completed in 2020.

PhD Dissertations

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A New Proposal for a Biblically Grounded Christian Social Welfare Provision among the Ghana Baptist Convention Member Churches in Ashanti Region, Ghana

Author: Adasi-bekoe, Joseph
This study was conducted against a background of severe challenges of urbanization on the traditional social protective systems. The absence of formal social support, amidst…
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El Cuidado Pastoral De La Población Envejecida De Cuba Un Estudio De Casos En Las Iglesias De La Convención Bautista De Cuba Occidental De Los Municipios Playa, Plaza De La Revolución Y Diez De Octubre En El Periodo 2005-2015

Author: Aguilera, Raymundo Estenoz
The following dissertation is about pastoral care for the aging population of Cuba. It proposes an alternative methodology of study inside the field of Practical…
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Eglise Famille De Dieu Et Loyauté Ethnique Au Bénin

Author: Allaboe, Sylvain
Today, African Christianity is searching for authentic life and expression. Theology in Africa has the vocation of helping the church in this quest so that…
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Author: Amos Jimmy Markin
There is an acknowledgement in the 21st century of Pentecostalism’s phenomenal growth and influence which has affected global Christian outreach and missions. African Pentecostalism, as…
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Christian Nominalism Within Church Membership a Case Study of the Church in the Town of Bunia in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Author: Anguandia Adia Edre, Enosh
This study into “Christian nominalism in church membership: A case study of the church in the town of Bunia in the Democratic Republic of Congo”…
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The Formation of the Disciples as Agents of Divine Power and Revelation: A Comparative Study of the Gospels According to Mark and John

Author: Asumang Annang
With the overall task of explaining Christian origins in mind, this dissertation describes, analyzes and compares how the formation of the disciples of Jesus is…
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THE PROGRESSIVE PUBLICATION OF MATTHEW An Explanation of the Writing of the Synoptic Gospels

Author: B Ward Powers
The Synoptic Gospels are remarkable for the extent of their similarities and the significance of their differences. There is a longstanding widely-held consensus that the…
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The Sermon at the Temple in the Book of Mormon: A Critical Examination of Its Authenticity Through a Comparison with the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew

Author: Bowman, Robert
The Sermon at the Temple is a passage in the Book of Mormon, first published by Joseph Smith in 1830 as the founding scripture of…
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The Development of Pastoral Models for Counselling Pregnant Teenagers and Young Mothers from the House of Life, Durban, Kwazulu-natal: The Marriage Model and the Crisis Intervention Model

Author: Ceneviz, Teresinha Favaro
The theme of this study is the development of pastoral models for counselling pregnant teenagers and young mothers from the House of Life, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal…
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The Information Structure of the Book of Esther in the Septuagint

Author: Chan, Ken
A comparison of studies on the book of Esther shows that there are diverse opinions of what constitutes (a) the purpose, and (b) the discourse…
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Author: Claire Gabrielle Nye Hunter
This thesis begins with the observation that the Fourth Gospel presents a markedly different picture of Jesus compared to the one found in the Synoptic…
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Para Uma Teologia Prática De Ensino Teológico: Caminhos De Reflexão Para Integração De Teologia E Prática Em Professores De Seminários Evangélicos Em São Paulo, Brasil

Author: Clark, Paul Allan
This case study investigation focused on the question of the integration of theology and teaching practice by professors of theology in evangelical theological seminaries in…
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A Theological Evaluation of the Patriarchalistic Understanding of Authority and Submission in Marriage Contextualised Within the Kingdom of Swaziland

Author: Curle, Neville I
In the Structure of Scientific Revolutions, published in 1962 and later expanded, Thomas Kuhn contended that there are two types of mature physical sciences “normal…
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Towards a Biblical Model of Funding African Missions the Case of the Church of Pentecost in Ghana

Author: Darko, Nicholas
The purpose of this study was to find out how the Church of Pentecost in Ghana, an African Pentecostal missional Church, can improve its current…
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A Formação De Liderança Urbana Numa Perspectiva Missional E Pastoral: Estudo De Caso De Seminário Teológico Batista Nacional,Goiânia, Goiás, Brasil

Author: De Melo Silva, Eder José
Silva, Eder José de Melo. The formation of urban leadership in a missional and pastoral perspective: case study of the National Baptist Theological Seminary in…
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A Igreja Como Agente De Transformação: Uma Perspectiva Bíblica E Teológica Na Pós-modernidade E No Contexto De Brasília

Author: De Melo, Expedito
Um dos assuntos que mais ocupou espaço entre os pensadores cristãos liberais e fundamentalistas no século XX foi a questão da responsabilidade social da igreja.…
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A Critical Assessment of J. N. Darby’s Translation Work

Author: Despins, Gilles
John Nelson Darby’s translations of the Bible, either in German, French, or English, have the reputation of being extremely literal, in accordance with the translator’s…
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Author: Elbert Elliott Watson
In recent years, the concept of church-based leadership training has gained momentum in various parts of the world, including South Africa. The emergence of new…
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Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth: Its Function and Contribution to the Theme of Apocalyptic Judgment in Matthew’s Gospel

Author: Erdey, Zoltan Levente
On six occurrences (8:12; 13:42; 13:50; 22:13; 24:451 and 25:30), Matthew recorded Jesus pronouncing judgment utilising the idiom weeping and gnashing of teeth. Although the…
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Author: Expedito Ferreira De Melo
This thesis is a result of a bibliographic research made from literary ecclesiology works of general theology and sociologic literatures, in a Christian and missiology…
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A Theological and Biblical Examination on the Synthesis of Penal Substitution and Christus Victor Motifs: Implications for African Metaphysics

Author: Falconer, Robert D
The present disposition of atonement theology has been turbulent in light of recent disputes and criticisms. This dissertation seeks to acknowledge two seemingly distinct atonement…
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The Role of Evangelical Churches in Combating Structural Corruption in Haiti

Author: Guiteau, Chantale Victor
Introductive chapter is to present the Research Problem, the Structure, and the Methodology of the Dissertation. Following this Model, I will consider the research problem,…
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La Mission Intégrale Des Églises Pentecôtistes Dans Le Contexte Haïtien Influencé Par Les Traditions Du Vaudou: Cas De L’eglise De Dieu

Author: Guiteau, Gérald
Le but de l’étude Le but de cette étude est d’enquêter sur le phénomène de la croissance du Pentecôtisme en Haïti en vue d’aider les…
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Postmodernity, Impact and Implications

Author: Haase, John Martin
It is impossible to know to what extent the peoples of the earth are now interconnected, as Globalisation has become a present reality for most…
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Examining the Jewish Origins Employed in the Matthean Beatitudes Through Literary Analysis and Speech Act Theory

Author: Howell, Timothy Dale
Many models have been offered in explaining the meaning of the Beatitudes. Generally, the focus is on the eschatological, ethical, sapiential, or epitome. The model…
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The Contribution of the Theme of Divine Judgment to the Argument of the Book of Ecclesiastes

Author: Huovila, Kimmo
There has been no general agreement among scholars about the argument of the book of Ecclesiastes. There are several interpretive paradigms for handling tension in…
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Author: James Partee Toga
The New Testament indicates that Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of Jesus was foreknown by God and by Jesus, and that it was in fulfillment of Scripture,…
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The God of Mount Carmel: Contending Views about the Deity Associated with the Biblical Mount Carmel

Author: Kagmatché, Samson N’taadjèl
Baal is the second deity mentioned after YHWH in the Old Testament. This Semitic god has often been in conflict with YHWH in the Old…
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Church and Mission in the Context of War — a Descriptive Missiological Study of the Response of the Baptist Church in Central Africa (Cbca) to the War in Eastern Congo Between 1990 and 2011

Author: Kighoma, Eraston Kambale
This dissertation is a missiological study about the response of the Baptist Church in Central Africa to the war in Eastern Congo. The study explores…
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Living Together in the Community: The Contemporary Significance of First John to Kom Baptist Church

Author: Kimbi, Paul Kawuldim
A church community engenders people from various backgrounds who are expected to be nurtured to bond together with other believers in the community. Regrettably, many…
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A Biblical and Theological Examination of Permissible Division in Koinōnia

Author: Larson, Kelly
The following dissertation is an examination regarding permissible division in koinōnia, in which a biblical understanding, and apposite behavior concerning a ceasing of fellowship is…
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Slavic Immigration as Agent of Mission: A Historical Perspective in the Province of Misiones, Argentina

Author: Lewczuk, Pablo
This project, as an investigation and scientific thesis, involves a number of issues regarding the influence of Christian Slavic immigrants in the Province of Misiones…
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A Critical Examination of the Role of the South African Evangelical Church in the African Renaissance

Author: Lockard, Anna-marie
This research examines the key role of the South African evangelical church in the African Renaissance movement. A paradigm for assessing this role was taken…
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Echoes of the Fourth Gospel’s Theology of the Nature of Christ in the Valentinian Sources from the Nag Hammadi Library

Author: Makidon, Michael
This study seeks to demonstrate that the nature of Christ in the Fourth Gospel influenced the Valentinian Sources from the Nag Hammadi Library. It begins…
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Author: Marieke W Venter
This study seeks to discover how Christians should respond to the ever-growing international crime of human trafficking. The reason for the research rests on two…
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Spirit and Mission: The Church of Pentecost as a Growing African Pentecostal Denomination

Author: Markin, Amos Jimmy
There is an acknowledgement in the 21st century of Pentecostalism’s phenomenal growth and influence which has affected global Christian outreach and missions. African Pentecostalism, as…
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How ובּש ׁand םַחָנ Contribute to Understanding the Meaning of Jeremiah 4:28, 15:6-7, 18:7-10 and 26:3, 13 and 19

Author: Marsh, Allen Bythel
The purpose of this thesis was to explore how ‫( ׁשּוב‬shub) and ‫( נָחַ ם‬nacham) contribute to understanding the meaning of Jeremiah 4:28, 15:6-7, 18:7-10…
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A Study to Formulate a Model for Agikuyu Christian Funeral Rites That Would Integrate Relevant Cultural, Scriptural and Practical Norms

Author: Mbugua, Johnson.
As far as can be ascertained, no one has undertaken an in-depth study with respect to formulating a model for Agikuyu Christians’ funeral rites. Again,…
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Shaping the Future: Towards the Paradigm of “socio-spiritual Synergy” in the Development of Effective Leaders Through Theological Education…

Author: Meekins, Darryl J.
This study deals with the quality of the educational process for the B.Th and Honours programs offered by the Baptist Bible College of KwaZulu-Natal. The…
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A Biblical Critique of the Spiritual Aspect of Resiliency Training in the Usaf with Specific Reference Towards Coordination of Chaplain

Author: Montgomery, Chad S.
Public prayers, the content of retreat seminars, advice given to leadership, briefings on ethics and behavioural issues, the content of an encouraging word during staff…
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A Biblical and Theological Analysis of Specific Tenets of Word of Faith Theology: Pastoral Implications for the Church of God

Author: Morris, Russell Alexander
This research seeks to answer the question, “what are the major pastoral implications of word of faith theology within the ministry context of the Church…
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Existential Dimensions of the Contemporary Impassibility Debate: A Pastoral Approach to the Question of Divine Suffering Within the Context of Conservative Evangelicalism.

Author: Mount, Thomas
The hegemony of passibilist theological construals since the last quarter of the twentieth century has garnered a mixed response from within the conservative evangelical subtradition,…
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The Existential, Event-oriented, Ideological (Eei) Justification Model in Christian Epistemology in Post-apartheid Urban South Africa.

Author: Ndhlovu, Gabriel
This work introduces an Epistemological model that I have developed to examine truth claims and belief statements. I have called the model the Existential, Eventoriented…
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An Investigation into Pauline Church Leadership and Ministry Towards a Reduction of the Clergy/Laity Gap in a West African Sahelian Context

Author: Ndiaye Mamadou
The post-apostolic Church fathers, facing deviating teachings and movements, reinforced the authority of Church leadership at the expense of non-leaders’ involvement in ministry. This is…
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An Examination of the Dynamism Between Church Growth and a Vibrant Sunday School Programme: A Case Study of Nine Protestant Churches in Manzini, Swaziland

Author: Nxumalo, Nkosenhle
The author has observed that some of the Protestant churches in the Christian community in Manzini are experiencing phenomenal growth. These same Protestant churches also…
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A Theological and Biblical Appraisal of Ozo Title Taking and Its Implications for Current Leadership Issues in Igbo Catholic Church (Nigeria)

Author: Oforchukwu, Joachim Ifezuo
Igbo society is one of the densely inhabited ethnic groups in Nigeria, an ethnic group with enviable cultures, traditions, and religions. The Igbo people are…
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A Comparative Study of the Practices of the Mystics Sadhu Sundar Singh and the Desert Fathers and the Implications of Appropriating Christian Mystic Practices in the Church Today

Author: Parks, Clayton
This research seeks to answer the question: How do the spiritual practices of Sadhu Sundar Singh and the Desert Fathers compare with each other and…
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The Word of Faith Movement: Towards a Constructive Engagement

Author: Pieterse, Genis J P
The objective of this study is to come to an authentic understanding of the Word of Faith movement at a variety of levels: its origins,…
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Characteristics of a Relevant Church Confronting the Missionary Needs in the City of Curitiba, Brazil.

Author: Piragine Jr., Paschoal
Characteristics of a Relevant Church Confronting of the Missionary Demands in the City of Curitiba. Curitiba, 2017. 243p (Doctoral thesis – Latin American Doctoral Program).
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The Progressive Publication of Matthew: An Explanation of the Writing of the Synoptic Gospels

Author: Powers, B Ward
The Synoptic Gospels are remarkable for the extent of their similarities and the significance of their differences. There is a longstanding widely-held consensus that the…
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Author: Rev. Sergio Alejandro Schmidt
For many years, exegetes have been speaking of the possibility that the Gospel of John might have had another façade. If such were the case,…
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Author: Roger E. Vergara Vargas
2015 Vergara V., Roger E. “Images of God and their influence on the spirituality in everyday life on believers in the Christian and Missionary Alliance…
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La Enseñanza Para La Comprensión Como Marco Conceptual Para El Mejoramiento De La Calidad Educativa En Las Instituciones De Educación Teológica Evangélica De América Latina.

Author: Romero, Alejandro Adolfo
La enseñanza para la comprensión como marco conceptual para el mejoramiento de la calidad educativa en las instituciones de educación teológica evangélica de América Latina.…
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One Gospel, Two Façades: The Change of the Intended Reader in the Beginning of the Fourth Gospel (John 1:1-34).

Author: Schmidt, Rev. Sergio Alejandro
For many years, exegetes have been speaking of the possibility that the Gospel of John might have had another façade. If such were the case,…
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Bible Translation and Relevance Theory: The Translation of Titus

Author: Smith, Kevin Gary
Relevance theory has seriously challenged the theoretical soundness of formal and functional equivalence as Bible translation methods. In Translation and relevance: Cognition and context, Gutt…
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The Redactional Criteria and Objectives Underlying the Arrangement of Psalms 3-8

Author: Smith, Kevin Gary
At present, research into the editorial shaping of the canonical Psalter holds a central role in psalms studies. In keeping with this trend, this dissertation…
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An Investigation of the Development of the Cell Church Concept in the Western Cape

Author: Tucker, Arthur Roger
Since 1993 some churches in South Africa have adopted a new ecclesiological concept. This is the “cell church” concept. It is advocated as an answer…
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The Theological Analysis of Ikpu-ala as a Social Justice Value in Igbo Catholic Church (Nigeria)

Author: Uche, Okey Jude
The Igbo are one of the ethno-cultural language groups in Nigeria who live on both sides of River Niger. Every human society is blessed with…
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Faith Perspectives of Mexican Migrant Farm Workers in Canada

Author: Vallejo, Rafael
The dissertation explores faith perspectives and practices of Mexican migrant farmworkers in Ontario using a social-science approach called “Lived Religion”. It uses qualitative data from…
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Tithes and Offerings in the South African Context

Author: Van Rensburg, Reuben David
No in-depth study has ever been undertaken with respect to the practice adopted by urban, middle-class, South African Christians in response to the Biblical approach…
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Las Imágenes De Dios Y Su Influencia En La Espiritualidad En La Vida Cotidiana De Los Creyentes De La Iacym-pl En Lima-perú

Author: Vargas, Roger E. Vergara
En este capítulo vamos a encontrar la descripción del planteamiento de la investigación, desarrollando una argumentación, que nos permite observar el planteamiento del problema empezando…
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Toward Transformational Leadership Development in the Local Church: A Synthesis of Insights from Instructional Design, Adult Learning Theory, the New Testament, and Organizational Research

Author: Watson, Elbert Elliott
In recent years, the concept of church-based leadership training has gained momentum in various parts of the world, including South Africa. The emergence of new…
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Ouranology in the Book of Revelation: Its Epochs and Chiastic Structure

Author: Wellman, Jared C.
The disposition of ouranological scholarship, that is the study (ology) of Heaven (ouranos), has been to emphasize its eschatological nature. This thesis offers an exegetical…
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Christological Conceptions Within the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhado Church (Eotc) and the Ethiopian Evangelical Churches (Eec): Possible Christological-soteriological Unity Between the Eotc-eec

Author: Woldegebrial, Esckinder
Christological debates have been all through the history of the church. Different exegetes responded differently towards the issue of Christology. All the responses seem to…
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A Multi-disciplinary Study of Deuteronomy 23:12-14

Author: Yamoah, James
Deuteronomy 23:12-14 is pregnant with interesting theological, moral, and sociocultural concepts which require exploration. From the premise that the possession of and survival on the…
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Translating שֶ ׁפֶֶ֫נ in the Psalms into Chinese–an Exercise in Intergenerational, Literary Bible Translation

Author: Yu, Hui-er (maria)
The traditional rendering of the Hebrew anthropological term ‫ ֶ֫ ֶנפֶ ׁש‬, occurring 754 times in the Old Testament (OT), is ‘soul’.1 Very early on,…
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Translating נֶֶ֫פֶשׁ in the Psalms into Chinese –an exercise in intergenerational, literary Bible translation1

Author: Yu, Hui-er (maria)
The traditional rendering of the Hebrew anthropological term נֶֶ֫פֶשׁ , occurring 754 times in the Old Testament (OT), is ‘soul’.1 Very early on, this is…
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Author: Zoltan Levente Erdey
On six occurrences (8:12; 13:42; 13:50; 22:13; 24:451 and 25:30), Matthew recorded Jesus pronouncing judgment utilising the idiom weeping and gnashing of teeth. Although the…
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