Systematic Theology in African Perspective

SATS is proud to announce a PhD scholarship for emerging theologians interested in studying Systematic Theology in conversation with African realities.

In the recent past, theological studies in Africa have focused on the sub-disciplines of Church and Society, Practical Theology, and Mission. While this focus has brought much benefit to the church and society, it inadvertently underscored the dearth of academic outputs in Biblical Studies and Systematic Theology from the continent.

This PhD scholarship opens an exciting opportunity for emerging scholars to contribute to the area of Systematic Theology by addressing African realities in conversation with regional and global trends.

Who can apply?

You may apply if you:

  • Live on the African continent.
  • Hold an accredited research master’s degree in Theology, or related fields.

What should be the topic or focus of your doctoral research?

SATS does not prescribe or limit the topic of your doctoral research. However, applicants may consult the following list of SATS’ research priorities (not in order of importance):

  • Pentecostalization in Africa
  • Christology in African reflection
  • Eschatology in African reflection
  • African Witchcraft
  • Christ and the Spiritual Powers
  • Ecological Crisis
  • African Ecclesiology
  • Sacraments in African perspective
  • The Kingdom of God in Africa
  • Forgiveness and Peace Making
  • God and Social / Political / Economic Transformation
  • God and the Spirit World
  • Historical Theology in Africa
  • Jesus and the Ancestors
  • Reconciliation in African reflection
  • Salvation in African Christianity
  • Ecclesiastical Spiritual Authority
  • The Sacraments in African Christianity
  • Theology and African Art
  • Gender–based Violence
  • Political Violence

What is the process SATS will follow with this scholarship?

The process starts with this general advertising of the scholarship. The due date for applications is 10th January 2022. Thereafter, a panel of SATS academics will read through all applications and draw up a shortlist of the three most promising candidates. They will submit a recommendation to SATS’ Senior Management Team for approval. Next, SATS will engage with the chosen candidate to clarify the final details and conditions of the scholarship. The chosen candidate will be announced by 1st February 2022. Finally, arrangements will be made for the candidate to formally commence their PhD studies.

How do I apply?

Write an essay and email it to Marilyn Schott, the SATS Ph.D. registrar, at [email protected]. The essay must include the following:

  • Your personal profile including a description of the ministry in which you are involved (100-200 words)
  • Preliminary title (10-25 words)
  • An abstract (200-300 words)
  • A short explanation of the uniqueness of your proposed research (50-100 words)
  • A short description of the potential significance of your proposed research (100-200 words)
  • Tell us why you think you merit the scholarship (100-200 words)

For further information
Please contact Marilyn Schott ([email protected])

Doctor of Philosophy in Theology

Our PhD is designed to raise up scholar-leaders in various fields of Christian ministry. It is a fully-accredited online programme that provides the opportunity for ground-breaking theological research.

The PhD is a research degree that culminates in an original dissertation of 80,000–100,000 words. The learning journey is divided into five phases.