November is Systematic Theology Month at SATS

Symposia: Systematic Theology Month

November 2022 is Systematic Theology Month at the SATS Symposia. You can find out more and register by clicking on the following link: Live Events Registration

On Friday, 4 November, at 14:00 (CAT), Pastor David A. Ritchie is speaking on “Dispelling the Myths of Indulgent Nationalism.” Pastor Ritchie is the author of Why Do the Nations Rage? where he shows that nationalism is best understood as a rival religion that bears its own distinctive (and demonically inspired) false gospel, which seeks to imitate and distort the Christian gospel.

Dr. Brian J. Orr addresses us on 18 November at 14:00 (CAT) regarding “A Biblical View critiquing Open Theism.” Much contemporary theology, including evangelical theology, argues that the classic understanding of God as triune, immutable, impassible, eternal, and the sovereign Lord over his creation is not in accord with the Bible. Brian Orr not only decisively refutes such a notion but also admirably and creatively demonstrates the truth and beauty of the classical understanding of God as a Trinity of persons.

2023 SATS PhD Scholarship

SATS proudly announces a full PhD scholarship for emerging theologians interested in Studies in Church and Society with ‘The Africa We Want’ (African Union Agenda 2063). This PhD scholarship opens an exciting opportunity for emerging scholars to make an original contribution by addressing African realities in conversation with regional and global trends. Click HERE to find out how to apply.

Additional Free Resources

SATS has free resources available in a variety of formats. Our YouTube Channel covers a broad range of topics ranging from African Theology, Bible Interpretation, Christology, Ecclesiology, and others that can be viewed for your personal growth. In addition, we provide monthly Blog articles on interesting topics written by expert theologians and bi-annual academic articles in our scholarly journal, Conspectus. You are also welcome to register for future free events on our Events page.


Employment Opportunities

An Afrikaans Church in the Vaal Triangle is advertising three ministry positions: