Conspectus 29

The Theological Journal of SATS Conspectus 29 is available for Download Free HERE.

Some Topics Include:

  • “Human Trafficking and the Church: Towards a Biblical and Practical Christian Response” by authors: Dr. Marieke Venter and Dr. Willem Semmelink
  • “Jesus as Creator in the Miraculous Signs of the Fourth Gospel and the Influence of Isaiah’s Creation Theology” by authors, Gerard Bernard and Dr. Dan Lioy.
  • “Ecclesial Hierarchy and Subordination Between Regenerate Men and Women in Public Worship: A Renewed Look at 1 Corinthians 11:2–16 and 14:33b–36” by Dr. Dan Lioy.

Read Conspectus 29 HERE.

Late Penalties & Extensions

Please note, as of Term 3 2020, all late submissions for all non-counselling courses will be automatically penalised by MySATS at a rate of 10% per day, up to a maximum of 7 days, following which the activity will close and no submission will be possible. Students seeking extensions may submit their requests, together with supporting documents, to their lecturers directly, who will manage all aspects of the extension process.

New Courses

We are excited to share some information about some exciting new Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses available to the students. Here are some of the descriptions:

Undergraduate Courses

BIB1125 Deuteronomy

This course will debut in Term 1, 2021. This new first-year course studies the pivotal Old Testament book Deuteronomy, that concludes the Pentateuch, but introduces theological themes that continue through the historical and prophetic books…

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PRA1122 Introduction to Youth Ministry

This course made its debut in Term 3, 2020. Youth ministry plays an integral part of the Pastoral Ministry in the Church. It has become a specialised field within Practical Theology.  Working with youth in the church requires an understanding of phases of development and the role the church might play here…

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BIB2126 Psalms

This second-year course made its debut in Term 2, 2020. The Book of Psalms is one of the outstanding books of the Bible. It has been called the Bible in a nutshell or the Bible in brief. Jesus and the apostles quoted from this book of prayers and praises more than any other OT book…

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Postgraduate Courses

NTS5122 The Pastoral Epistles and Pastoral Ministry

This course forms part of the Master of Divinity programme, and debuted in Term 3, 2020. It is a thorough study of 1–2 Timothy, with special reference to their application to the present day. During the course, you will learn how to interpret and apply NT letters…

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THE5124 Science and Faith

This course forms part of the Master of Divinity programme, and debuted in Term 3, 2020. It consists of researching the various ideas related to the interaction between science and theology. For many decades, science and theology have accused each other of arrogance in their claims to know the truth…

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Introducing Idalette

SATS welcomes Idalette Muller to the Counseling Teaching Team as a co-lecturer to Dr. Mervin Van Der Spuy. Idalette ([email protected]) is a part-time co-lecturer at SATS, in the Christian Counselling courses, she completed the Higher Certificate in Christian Counseling at SATS in January 2020 with distinction. She earned a degree in music (BMus (Ed), 1992), and honors in Educational Psychology (1993) at TUKS. As a part-time counselor with survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, she is interested in effectively applying music- and art therapeutic techniques in trauma counseling. She is also a motivational speaker, writer, and spokesperson for Human Trafficking Awareness. She is married to Andrew, and they have three children and live in Centurion.