New Stream in Christian Counselling

From 1st February 2020, SATS will introduce a new option for the BTh programme, which focuses on Christian counselling. Students who choose to do the BTh with the focus on Christian Counselling will take 60% of their courses in theology and 40% in Christian counselling. Upon Completion, they will be able to register as Intermediate Religious Professionals in Christian Pastoral Counselling with the Council for Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors.

Contact Jane ([email protected]) for more information on this new programme option.

Pricing for SATS Courses from 2020

SATS will be introducing a completely new pricing structure from 1st January 2020. Based on the many requests we receive from students who struggle to pay for two courses at a time, you will in future be able to buy one course at a time. To remain active and motivated in your studies you do need to complete a minimum of one course per term.

  • Students will now be able to purchase one course at a time.
  • Students will only be able to buy course(s) for the next term starting after the date of payment.
  • Students who buy two or more courses at a time (i.e. per invoice) qualify for a 10% discount per course.

The new pricing for 2020 is explained in the infographic below:

Changing How You Apply for RPL

Historically, applicants were required to apply for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) at the same time they applied for their studies. This is now a separate process, which means that new students can enrol for their study programme and begin working immediately. The new RPL process is explained in the infographic below:

Changes to the BTh Honours Courses

Starting 1st February 2020, the following changes are being made to the courses in the BTh Honours programme:

The following 3 courses are compulsory: GEN4121, RES4121 and RES4241. If you are already enrolled in the programme, this will not necessarily apply to you.
All courses, apart from RES4241 Research Project, will be 12 credits.

If you have already purchased 24-credit courses, please contact Jane ([email protected]) to assist you in selecting alternate courses.