Preparing for Term 2

Remember to buy your courses for the new term in good time to be registered for your next course. Remember: when registered, you can access your learning material a month ­before ­the start of a new term. This helps you get a head start on your new courses.

New Course: MIS1121 The Mission of God

We are excited to announce the launch of this new course in Term 2. It will replace our old Introduction to Missions course. One of the most amazing realisations in the study of theology is the fact that the entire Bible unfolds the mission of God. When we understand this great truth, we never read the Old Testament the same again. We unpack this great truth in detail, while also looking at global trends affecting missions and some of the contemporary challenges to missions.

Our e-Library Holdings

All SATS students are given access to our electronic library, with online access to over 180,000 e-books and 16,000 academic journals, with hundreds of thousands of scholarly articles. With your MySats login, you can download journal articles and loan e-books via your computer, tablet, or a smartphone.

Graduation 2019

The SATS annual graduation ceremony will be hosted in Johannesburg on Saturday 18th May this year. We cherish this opportunity to celebrate with our students the years of hard work they put in, culminating in them achieving their qualifications. In the words of a past graduating student speaker, “By the grace of God, we have gone through a period of preparation and equipping. For me that means we no longer have only the opportunity to serve God; today we are officially commissioned by God to serve him in this broken world.”

Order Forms – Remember the Reference Number

When you order your courses on the online Order Form in MySats, remember to use the reference number provided on the invoice when making the payment. Failing to do so means that, while the funds are received, they are not allocated to your account.

SATS in Indianapolis

Dr Willem Semmelink (Head of Programme Deliver) and Mr Hugh Goosen (Ambassador) are attending the TGC (The Gospel Coalition) 2019 National Conference in Indianapolis from 1-3 April, where they are manning a SATS exhibition booth. Attending the conference affords SATS the opportunity to form new relationships, promote the ministry of the Seminary, and meet with our local students and alumni.

Who Do You Call for Support?

Students, please note that as of the 1st of April, all undergraduate queries will be handled by Grace ([email protected]) and Elsie ([email protected]).

Jane ([email protected]) will be responsible for matters relating to the Honours programme.