Launching SATS into 2018

2017 saw a record number of new student enrolment at SATS in January and February, and unprecedented growth over the course of the year. The BTh group grew by a significant amount, and the MTh and PhD programmes saw a large influx of international students, especially from the USA.

2018, likewise, has started with a bang. Our administrative staff team worked hard to process a record number of new enrolments in January, together with the returning students, in time for the start of Term 1 last week.

Welcome to all our students, new and old. We pray that the Lord will bless you and give you strength as you diligently labour to be equipped for ministry through your studies at SATS this year.

Dependence on the Holy Spirit

The Foundational Principle concerning the Holy Spirit is stated in the SATS Conspectus as; ‘The ministry of the Holy Spirit – We believe that we are to trust and obey God the Holy Spirit and that we are to embrace all that the Scriptures reveal of Him and His ministry.’ This then distils into the third clause of the seminary’s by-line, ‘Spirit-led’… Read More

The Full Divinity of the Holy Spirit

This year in the church calendar, the Day of Pentecost (meaning “fiftieth day”) occurs on May 20th. Annually, on the seventh Sunday after Easter, believers celebrate the occasion when the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus’ disciples after His ascension into heaven (Mark 16:19; Luke 24:51; Acts 1:2, 9; 2:1–4)… Read More

Conspectus Article: What Did Jesus Say About “Secret” Christians?

“Bearing Witness Nicodemusly: A Christomorphic Assessment of Crypto-discipleship in John 7” by Annang Asumang.

Johannine scholars routinely argue that the fourth evangelist regarded the secret behaviour of crypto-disciples as cowardly and contemptible. Some further propose that their shaming through the narrative was part of the evangelist’s pastoral strategy for ‘outing’ crypto-believers within the synagogues of his locality. While the broad outline of this assessment may be correct, a more nuanced picture emerges when particular instances of the phenomenon are examined in the light of the gospel’s Christology, for in John’s gospel, Jesus is some-times also depicted as operating in secrecy and behaving in a clandestine manner… Read More

Our Prices for 2018

Click the link below for our 2018 Prospectus, which has the pricing for the new year… Read More