Did Paul teach that Jesus was divine, and should He be worshiped as such? How should this be viewed in relation to Jewish and Jewish-Christian monotheism? Paul answers these questions in the affirmative and shows why the Jesus of Faith is the Jesus of History and central Christian belief worthy of Worship.




Dr. Chris Tilling

Dr. Chris Tilling is Graduate Tutor and Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies at St Mellitus College. Chris has published numerous articles on topics relating to the Apostle Paul, Christology, justification, the historical Jesus, Paul S. Fiddes, Karl Barth, the theology of Hans Küng, and more besides. He has appeared as a media figure for Biologos, GCI, Eerdmans, Wipf & Stock, and HTB's School of Theology and has functioned as external reader for various publishing houses, including the Library of New Testament Studies at T&T Clark, IVP, Lexington/Fortress Academic, and Eerdmans, and is on the Advisory Board for the TF Torrance Theological Fellowship. Paul supervises Ph.D. students via King's College London and is an experienced external examiner of PhDs. He has organized public theology lectures as well as theology conferences.