In addition to the annual SATS academic e-conference, there is a need for the South African Theological Seminary to host a major conference that foregrounds Christian practitioners and their role(s) in the church. The goal of this conference is to serve the church by inviting Christian practitioners to share their expertise with church leaders and students (future church leaders). This is an open event that does not require any previous registration. All welcome!

The session for 2021:

The practitioner e-conference will cover three topics: legal, financial, and mentorship/training resources. This will be held on Friday the 22nd of October, from14:00–17:00.

The sessions and speakers for the 2021 conference are as follows:

1. The church and South African Law [30 mins presentation; 20 mins Q + A] 2 pm

This session will outline the possible legal challenges churches in SA have to be prepared for and advise church leaders on how to navigate the South African legal landscape. Details on membership contracts/forms, screening for children’s church workers, etc., can be covered.

2. The church and money [30 mins presentation; 20 mins Q + A] 3 pm

This session is aimed at equipping the church to wisely manage its financial resources. The speaker can highlight potential financial pitfalls that churches need to be on the lookout for, theological motivation for good stewardship, and practical advice.

3. The church and leadership development [40 mins panel discussion; 20 mins Q + A] 4 pm

This session will focus on leadership development in the church. The chair will prepare questions in advance, covering leadership development in the missions field (Labuschagnes), church plants (Kipimo), and church in general (Naidoo; Joseph). The idea is not to get into the “women in leadership” debate, but rather how upcoming leaders are identified and developed.


Please register by filling in your details above! To access the event you can click on the following link. You can only access the room 15 minutes before we start! To receive any future updates on our events, please fill in your details above.

Contact Persons

Please direct any questions to Mr. Rudolph Boshoff and Mr. Caswell Ntseno

  • Nadene Badenhorst (FORSA) chaired by Ms. Michelle Mari
  • Zinzile Mongalo (Mvini Anza) chaired by Rev. Marilyn Schott
  • Rev. Ronald Joseph; Rev. Louie Naidoo; Dr. Jesse Kipimo; Dr. Pieter Labuschagne and Mrs. Lize Labuschagne chaired by Dr. Johannes Malherbe


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