Almost every society has its own nuanced understanding of sin and salvation. For example, one might think of the purification rites in Japan, the guilt-shame-fear spectrum in cultures, and even the so-called ‘sinless society’ of our postmodern era. This course will help you to appreciate the significance of cultural contexts and to explore ways in which the Christian doctrines of sin and salvation may be received and understood by those from such contexts— whilst remaining faithfulness to Scripture.

In this course, you will:

  • discover the differences between Western and African concepts of sin and salvation
  • learn how Jesus Christ is truly the saviour in specific cultural contexts
  • gain an understanding of some of the salvific terminology, such as justification, sanctification, regeneration, and glorification
  • become aware of some of the theological debates and difficulties between Calvinism, Molinism, and Arminianism
  • be introduced to Liberation Theology, and
  • apply what you have learnt to your own cultural and ministry situation.