The objective of this course is to provide you with competence in writing, advanced research, argumentation, and effective use of theological resources. Your thesis will take an integrated approach using selected methodological steps from various theological sub-disciplines. You will begin this course by identifying a research topic and developing it into a research proposal. You will apply your writing, research, and argumentation skills to studies in church and society by exploring the context of your topic in its current environment. After you have given careful consideration to context, you will identify a key passage from Scripture and do an expositional study on it to develop your argument. Next, you will examine and engage with past and present theological contributions on your topic. You will now be ready to research and write your final main chapter; this is a chapter in practical theology where you will have an option either to formulate a practical strategy or discuss the practical implications. Finally, you will do the finishing touches to your research project and complete it in preparation for the examination. The length of this course will be 9 months.