Youth ministry plays an integral part of the Pastoral Ministry in the Church. It has become a specialised field within Practical Theology.  Working with youth in the church requires an understanding of phases of development and the role the church might play here; how to adapt Youth Ministry to be effective in different contexts; and the effects of media and other information technologies on young people’s search for truth and experience of religion.  In the unique setting of Youth Ministry there might be socio-economic and political differences, ethnic, cultural and language barriers that are evident and sometimes not yet bridged. This pre-requisite first-year course provides students with principles to reflect on, and an opportunity to review the youth ministry in their context, from a Bible-based, Christ-centred and Spirit-led viewpoint.  This course made its debut in Term 3, 2020.

This course will assist the learner in understanding how to cultivate a child-friendly church. This course will also help guide parents and members on how to do child evangelism and understand youth trends and a variety of models of youth ministry.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the biblical basis of children’s ministry.
  • Understand primary contexts and processes in children’s ministry.
  • Evaluate the ministry needs and opportunities of children in diverse situations.
  • Accurately define the life stages of “youth.”
  • Demonstrate an understanding of current youth culture.
  • Influence the integration of youth into the local church.