Ministry Practicum 2 is a continuation of work done in your Ministry Practicum 1. You are required to apply knowledge and skills obtained in other MDiv courses, building on a thorough and accurate assessment of the community where this ministry takes place and seeking close cooperation with other Christian ministries in that community. The plan should also provide evidence of thorough reflection on and application of biblical and theological perspectives that are central to the envisaged ministry. The planning process is done under guidance of your course lecturer.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • determine and assess the needs of a community for a particular type of ministry.
  • iIdentify a Christian community suitably positioned and willing to respond to the identified needs.
  • obtain the necessary mandate and support from a Christian community for a new ministry initiative.
  • develop a contextual ministry plan in close cooperation with key stake- holders.
  • faciltate the implementation and assessment of a ministry plan.