This course aims at exploring the question what is an African Worldview and how does it affect those who live in such a worldview? Students of the Bible and Christian leaders in Africa grapple with these question as they inform the way theology, theological training, and evangelism are conducted on the continent. The purpose of this course is to orientate the student to know and understand the African Worldview and Religions as well as know and understand that Africa has diverse forms of spirituality and religious praxis. It purports to enable you to critically engage and to minister within the African context.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • demonstrate appreciation of how the holistic view of life in an African worldview shapes lives, beliefs, and actions.
  • demonstrate appreciation of the uniqueness and diversity in how different African communities express their spirituality.
  • Explain how spiritual beliefs and practices shape social relationships and status within African communities.
  • identify points of convergence between African and biblical spirituality as entry points for presenting the gospel.
  • minister in ways that are both culturally sensitive and biblically faithful.