This Higher Certificate Course in Christian Counselling, Introduction to Domestic Violence and Abuse explores, from an integrated theology and psychology perspective domestic and sexual violence, and physical and psychological-spiritual abuse.
This is a daunting area for most counsellors as it is often ubiquitous yet concealed.

This course introduces the pastor and lay counsellor to the theory and praxis of trauma counselling from bio-psycho-social-spiritual awareness.
This course endeavours to equip pastors and lay counsellors to come alongside survivors of domestic violence and abuse (the term “survivor” is preferred over “victim”) and help them to grow to personal and spiritual wellbeing.

On completion of this Course, you should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the various types of abuse
  2. Assess partner abuse and formulate applicable interventions from a lay counselling perspective
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of violence and abuse within relationships and families
  4. Assist dysfunctional families and support both victims and perpetrators of family abuse
  5. Demonstrate understanding of the issues related to victimization and recovery, avoid iatrogenic memory recall techniques, and prevent false memory syndrome
  6. Assist individuals and families to practice forgiveness and explore the possibility of reconciliation