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2 12, 2019

MIN5241 Ministry Practicum

2022-01-18T14:14:02+02:00Dec 2nd, 2019|

Welcome to MIN5241 Ministry Practicum. This is a 24-credit course requiring approximately 240 hours of study, over a six-month period. Ministry Practicum is intended to facilitate the integration of ...

2 12, 2019

MIN5122 Ministry Practicum 2

2021-01-15T14:44:10+02:00Dec 2nd, 2019|

Ministry Practicum 2 is a continuation of work done in your Ministry Practicum 1. You are required to apply knowledge and skills obtained in other MDiv courses, building on a ...

15 09, 2016

RES5600 Research Project

2022-03-29T10:29:14+02:00Sep 15th, 2016|

The objective of this course is to provide you with competence in writing, advanced research, argumentation, and effective use of theological resources. Your thesis will take an integrated approach using ...

15 09, 2016

GEN4121 Theological Orientation

2020-06-19T11:06:58+02:00Sep 15th, 2016|

This course lays a foundation for postgraduate studies at SATS and exposes the student to the following aspect: The history of SATS, Theological research and writing skills, e-learning, research tools, ...

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