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Volume 31, April 2021

14 07, 2021

A Procedure for Analysis of Contemporary Reception of Biblical Texts in Ghana: A Methodological Consideration

2021-07-14T14:12:52+02:00Jul 14th, 2021|

This essay hypothesizes that the contemporary reception of biblical concepts by Ghanaian charismatic preachers is influenced by beliefs and practices of traditional, religious, and cultural conceptions. This hypothesis is investigated ...

14 07, 2021

John L. M. Dube’s Leadership: Evaluating Frank Chikane, Kenneth Meshoe, and Mmusi Maimane as Leaders

2021-07-14T14:10:58+02:00Jul 14th, 2021|

Since 1898, various African Christian leaders have emerged and contributed to shaping the South African political landscape. One such leader is the late John Langalibalele Mafukuzela Dube, the first president ...

14 07, 2021

The Holy Spirit in Relation to Mission and World Christianity: A Reformed Perspective

2021-07-14T14:09:51+02:00Jul 14th, 2021|

Despite perceptions to the contrary, the Reformed tradition has historically emphasized the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The significance of the Holy Spirit with respect to mission has ...

14 07, 2021

God in Oral African Traditional Theology: Exploring the Spoken Theologies of Afua Kuma and Tope Alabi

2021-07-14T14:08:17+02:00Jul 14th, 2021|

In this essay we explore the conceptualizations of God in African oral theology, focusing on the traditions of the Akan people of Ghana and of the Yoruba of Nigeria. We ...

14 07, 2021

The Concept of Cult Centralization in Deuteronomy and it Possible Implications for Today

2021-07-14T14:01:51+02:00Jul 14th, 2021|

The concept of cult centralization in the book of Deuteronomy is viewed as one of Deuteronomy’s constructs for an inclusive society where everyone is important, including the most vulnerable. Some ...

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