Become a Partner!

We believe in partnering with like-minded ministries, churches, institutions, and organisations, because we know that there is significant kingdom value in collaboration.

The two most common types of agreement are:

  • Articulation agreements: If you offer a theological programme, we could have an agreement that allows your graduates to further their studies at SATS.
  • Church agreements: If your church or denomination needs to train its leaders, you could do this in association with SATS. SATS provides the formal theological training, while the church provides additional support services, such as mentoring.

If a partner ministry wishes to train its leaders through SATS, we can formalise the agreement through a Letter of Association. Once the agreement is in place, all students linked to the associated ministry who register with SATS will receive a 10 per cent discount on the advertised tuition fees.

Please Note:

  1. SATS is not an accrediting agency. We cannot accredit your Bible school or ministry training programme.
  2. SATS cannot offer joint programmes. The law in South Africa mandates that we take full and sole responsibility for all teaching-and-learning in our programmes.

To find out more about the opportunities that exist through Partnering with SATS please contact [email protected]