Theology as Mission

Our mission is to provide Biblical, Christocentric distance education and training to Christians, and leaders in particular, within their local church environment, to equip them to be Holy Spirit empowered members of God’s household.

Our passion is to prepare Christ-centred leaders for every church. In addition to our three foundational pillars (Bible-based, Christ-centred, Spirit-led), we hold these core convictions about the nature of theology:

  1. Good theology is God-glorifying: The goal of all theology and all ministry is to bring glory to God.
  2. Good theology is mission-minded: All good theology is inherently missional, being in service of the mission of God. We believe that theology divorced of its missional ethos is unfaithful to the call of God.
  3. Good theology is church-based: Theology must always be anchored in the church and in service of the church.

We chose to carry out our mission through distance education because of a heartfelt belief in church-based training as the preferred approach. We believe in ‘training for ministry in ministry’; we are committed to training God’s servants in the context of their ministry.

Foundational Pillars

SATS stands on a triune doctrinal foundation:

  • The unique authority of the Word of God the Father. We believe that the Bible is the only written revelation of and from God and that it is therefore all we need for faith and life.
  • The lordship and centrality of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus Christ is God the Son and the full revelation of the Godhead to humanity. He is the head of the church and the Lord of our lives. As a result, we are to base our doctrine and practice on what he said and did.
  • The ministry of the Holy Spirit. We believe that we are to trust and obey God the Holy Spirit and that we are to embrace all that the Scriptures reveal of him and his ministry.

These foundational principles are summed up in our by-line: Bible-based, Christ centred, Spirit-led.