After much prayer and research into distance learning management and practices, the Seminary opened its doors to the public in June 1996 . The original staff team consisted of three people: Dr Christopher Peppler, the visionary founder and first Principal, Quinton Howitt, a course writer who would go on to earn his PhD in theology, and Jenny Mason, the Registrar.

In 2002, our offices moved from their original location at the Lonehill Village Church to Rivonia. We had 98 students enrolled and we were growing. The full-time staff complement had increased to seven staff members. In 2006, Dr Reuben van Rensburg became the Principal and Dr Christopher Peppler continued to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The story of SATS is one of complete dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ for guidance and provision. Our financial model depends on student fees, not on donor funding, for sustainability. With each new project the Seminary has expanded and developed. Now, through the latest technologies, we can offer our students a variety of programmes, each supported by expert tutors and supervisors located in various places around the world.

Our students want to make a difference in God’s Kingdom. We have students in over 80 countries, all with a desire to earn a qualification that is Bible-based, Christ-centred and Spirit-led.

Technological advances continue to support our distance learning. The seminary is constantly investigating new and promising options in order to continue to offer a well-rounded learning experience with practical application.

Our graduation ceremonies are wonderful occasions where we hear the students’ stories of how they have been able to succeed via the distance learning model. In many cases they tell us that it was our strong, biblically-based approach that attracted them to study at SATS.

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